We should always strive for comfort in and around the home, and nothing can be more comfortable than sitting out in the garden on a pleasant afternoon to relax and soak in the good weather. Yet sitting out in the garden doesn’t always guarantee you comfort – unless you have the perfect garden furniture.

Nothing gets much better than this set of banana companion chairs from Chairs and Tables. A two-seater chair set that is the perfect addition to any garden; this is a piece of furniture that was meant to be enjoyed with a loved one. With a conjoining medial table that is perfect for holding a beverage and has a hole cut for a parasol, this is the piece of furniture that your garden has been missing!

This will look spectacular no matter where you decide to place it. As a dual seat perfect for sharing with someone, you can set up in your favourite spot of the garden, be it on the patio, decking, or underneath a tree.

When it comes to a naturally beautiful wood, then teak is certainly amongst the best out there. Its grains and natural finish looks stunning in almost every environment, and should you want to, you can easily stain or paint them – although they definitely look great as they are!

There is durability present throughout the banana companion chairs, which have been built from the highest quality teakwood and feature weather-proof cushions as well. This means you can expect them to handle whatever weather they encounter, which can be particularly useful.

Teak is amongst the strongest wood around, so you can be sure that it is strong and will be able to sustain a lot of damage. Not only that, but the wood is naturally resistant to the weather, meaning you don’t need to worry about the rain, sleet, snow or frost doing any damage to your chairs.

The natural oils present in the wood make it simple to maintain too. You won’t have to concern yourself with stains ruining the surface as a quickly wipe with a cloth is all that is needed to keep the wood looking clean and stain-free.

Wood-burrowing insects are also not a concern, as these same oils present in teak prevent them from creating any damage to the chairs, helping to ease any worries that the chairs could quickly decline.

In fact with a little bit of care, you can expect these chairs to last several years, and possible even decades. Teak is strong and durable, so they can last for a long time when taken care of – and considering how easy they are to maintain, this requires little effort on your end!

So if you to sit back and enjoy your garden they it should be enjoyed, then look no further than the banana companion chair. It is ideal for enjoying company in the garden or simply sitting yourself