Here at Chairs and Tables, we understand just how great it is to relax out in the garden. With the good weather almost arrived, now is the perfect time for setting up the garden for the upcoming summer. And whether you just plan on lazing around or planning on entertaining guest, it is always good to have some high quality furniture.

The range of teakwood garden furniture we provide is ideal for so many different gardens, but one piece in particular is perfect for any outdoor living area – the classic teak steamer chair.

Taking inspiration from the deckchairs you find on board a luxury cruise or poolside at a stunning hotel, the classic team steamer is well suited to all outdoor environments, which can be particularly useful considering the unpredictable nature of our British weather!

This heavy duty recliner is easily foldable for storage, meaning you can easily tuck it away come the winter! It comes with four different settings, so whether you want to sit back and read a book or lay down completely to soak up the sun you can do so.

Comfort is the main goal of this recliner, and while you can easily use your own cushions, specially designed three-part cushions are available with this recliner for small additional fee, and the come in an array of different colours to suit whatever scheme your garden follows.

When it comes to recliners such as these, often they are susceptible to a lot of damage, especially with accidental collisions. The Grade A teak used on these will ensure that it will take some serious damage to cause any type of breakages, with the steamer chair being built to last.

Teak is also incredibly resistant to damage from the elements. So whether it faces rain or sleet, snow or frost the steamer chair will definitely be able to handle it. It won’t deteriorate in the face of such weather.

There are also natural oils present in teak that help it avoid damage from a particular nuisance that can ruin wooden furniture. Burrowing insects can wreak havoc on most woods, but the oils found in teak make sure this doesn’t happen, ensuring that your steamer recliner chair can withstand almost any type of damage thrown its way.

The natural finish of these recliners is something worth mentioning too. Teak is amongst the highest quality woods out there, and this is not just because it is strong and durable. Simply put, teak is a stunning looking wood that has a natural finish that will be the envy of anyone that lays eyes upon it.

Over time, this recliner will pay for itself. You really won’t need to buy another for quite some time if you opt for this particular item, as it will last you an incredibly long period of time – some teak furniture can last for decades with the right care!

And speaking of care, there isn’t much you need to do to maintain this recliner. As it is naturally strong and resilient, you needn’t worry about any repairs, it can be easily cleaned with a cloth and is resistant to any stains should you spill something on it!

If you really want to enjoy your garden as it was meant to be enjoyed then do it in style by sitting back and relaxing on this gorgeous classic teak steamer chair.