Teak wood is the most excellent choice for outdoor furniture. Teak Serving Tray with Stand from Chairs and Tables will not let you down. It does not only provide convenient table space for setting drinks on; it can also fold over so you can store it when not in use. These kinds of tables are ideal for large get-together, allowing you to be sure that your attendees always have a space to rest their drink or munchies. And perhaps always have one close to your dining area to set extra plates or condiments. Functionality is the key. At times, you do not need the stand, and then you can just use the tray as an individual serving platform or on top an ottoman to ensure items have a well-balanced place to rest.

It is always essential to opt for A-grade when purchasing teak outdoor furniture. Teak outdoor furniture is a durable, practical, and most of all a stylish option for your space. Teak Tray with Stand can, in fact, be left out, exposed to the outside weather with the reassurance that your furniture would not become warped, waterlogged or sprained. Teak outdoor furniture from Chairs and Tables is fashioned for durability and great looks.


About A-Grade Teak Furniture

Teak is the most effective natural the materials used for outdoor furniture. A-Grade Teak is what Chairs and Tables is renowned for.  We exclusively use A-Grade teak for our new teak items.

Our A-Grade teak features the following benefits associated with Teak: it’s hard and thick, properly grained, beautiful and all-weather efficient. A-Grade teak gets a smooth patina as time goes by and the natural qualities of the wood hold up against pesky insects and rot.

Quality of Our Teak Serving Tray with Stand

Teak is a consistent timber with natural water and rot repellence, thanks to its significant content of oil and rubber compounds within the wood. It is often a favourite natural material in the marine and furniture making industries.

Chairs and Tables have sourced its teak from the island of Java. The teak utilized originates from ecologically maintained plantations in Indonesia, which are currently owned and regulated by Perum Perhutani, the Indonesian government agency that is concerned with the maintenance of a strict policy concerning the quantity and size of trees felled in a year alongside annual replanting. We are proud that we make use of mature trees that are 40 years of age or even more, for our outdoor furniture including our Teak Serving Tray with Stand.