It’s never too early to plan ahead for the upcoming warm weather of spring and summer. One of the best aspects about these seasons is the fact that it actually provides us with the opportunity to sit outside in the garden and enjoy the weather, which can often feel like a rarity with the wonderful British weather.

This is why we should always make the most of our time outdoors, and nothing can help achieve that quite like a brand new set of teak garden furniture. One such set found at Chairs and Tables is the beautiful Round Teak Extending Table Set with Recliner Chairs.

Picture you and the family sitting around this massive table, relaxing in the comfort of a recliner chair, enjoying a bite to eat and a spot of sun. Are you a fan of entertaining guests? Imagine a fantastic meal on a mild summer evening, enjoying the company of friends as you sit around a stunning teak table.

Simply put, this garden furniture set has many uses for your outdoor living area, and you are only limited by your imagination!

The set is made up of a round teak table that can be extended for additional surface room, allowing for you to make adjustments if more space is required, or make it more compact for storage.

Not only that, but six recliner chairs come with the set too, meaning there is lots of room for sitting around the table, and what’s more you can use each recliner on their own in a number of adjustable positions – making them perfect for sunbathing or relaxing outdoors.

The teak used is grade A and finely sanded to provide silky and smooth finish to the material. So not only does it look amazing, it is soft to touch, making it the perfect addition to any garden.

Even better is the incredible durability of the teak used.

Teak is an impressively strong and resistant wood. It can take large amounts of weight so isn’t susceptible to breaks and snapping, even in the event of accidental collisions or knocking over the furniture. You can expect years upon years of use from any teak garden furniture set, making it a very reasonable investment over the long-term.

It is also durable against the elements too – and living in the UK certainly brings a few wet and windy days to our gardens! Even the most extreme weather conditions won’t be a match for the natural durability found in teak. Better still, wood-burrowing insects cannot damage teak in anyway, so there really are minimal risks when it comes to damaging the material!

You can easily sustain teak overtime too thanks to the natural oils present in the wood. Aside from the occasional clean with a cloth, you won’t need to sand or varnish your teak furniture in the future, although you can easily paint the wood if you want add more style – though the natural appearance of the wood is highly regarded, and it will maintain this appearance for years.

Overall, teak is one of the highest quality woods on the market. One purchase could very well last you years or even decades with good care. If you have big plans for your garden area this year, we highly recommend the gorgeous Round Teak Extending Table Set with Recliner Chairs.