A good garden serves a multitude of purposes. Whether it is an area for children to play, somewhere to have outdoor social gatherings, or a place to relax and unwind, we all view our gardens differently.  The important thing, is that they have the garden furniture that is most suitable for how they will be used. So, if you are the sort of person that enjoys simply sitting outside, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoor air, a deluxe banana teak bench is just what you need.
Our Deluxe Banana teak Bench is perfect for enjoying a glass of wine outdoors, sitting down quietly reading a book, or even to have a romantic moment or two! It’s cosy design ensure that two people can sit comfortably side by side, and if there are three or four of you feeling friendly, it can also cope! Whether you are sitting there soaking up the suns rays on a warm afternoon, or watching the stars with a blanket over you and your partner, this garden bench adds value to your life.
Reasons to Buy a Deluxe Banana Teak Bench
A high quality wooden bench is an essential asset for any garden. They look effortlessly at home, and blend into the background. They fit more naturally with the surroundings, and add a timeless charm. They are somewhere to sit, and admire the work that has gone into keeping the garden. In short, they are that final touch which makes the garden look complete.
When it comes to wooden garden benches, teak is the best quality material. It is hard-wearing and durable, weather resistant and tough. The superior quality of teak enables it to withstand the rigours of the infamous Great British weather, and our Deluxe Banana Teak Bench is constructed from Grade A timber. The Deluxe Teak Garden bench is also sourced from well managed, sustainable sources, so that you can be assured that the forests they come from will be there for generations to come.
It’s unique shape gives the Banana Teak Bench its name. It has a sleek, curved design, a silky smooth finish, and is made out of sturdy wood. This bench will last for years, and will be a constant feature of your garden throughout the decades. Good quality teak outdoor furniture will quite literally last you a lifetime. It is also very easy to put together with the simplest of tools, so in less than an hour from it being delivered, you can enjoy your garden in style.