This classic garden furniture set offers you a flexible seating arrangement which works perfectly indoors or outdoors.  This sturdily build, Teak garden furniture set won’t disappoint you; it’s designed to be durable and last a life time.  Teak is a durable hardwood and part of its durability is down to its high wax and oil content; this makes teak extremely resistant to water and the elements.

When used outdoors teak morphs and changes with the years; over time it can develop a new skin; a silver patina which only enhances its appearance.  It can, if left untreated, develop purposeful cracks and beautiful natural grains in the wood; even with this natural changing of the wood, teak still maintains its structural integrity and can last for up to eighty years!

The Southwold garden set is crafted from the finest teak available; durable beyond even the standards of regular teak, these expertly crafted pieces have been constructed using the best joinery and carpentry techniques available by master craftsmen and have been finely sanded to a smooth, velvety finish.  The brass work is of great quality and compliments the rustic beauty of the teak and the fabric of the (optional) parasol.

The Southwold collection allows you to customise your purchase to best fit the environment and ambiance that you want to create.  There are two sizes of rectangular table to suit best suit your garden or room and there are five different chair designs to choose from; truly something for everyone.

This garden furniture set is great addition to any garden or room and is perfect for entertaining whether it be outdoors or indoors.  You simply cannot put a price on the peace of mind that owning such a durable, sturdily built furniture set gives you; with this teak set you know that you have furniture which will last and last; it’ll help you to create lasting memories and good times for all.