The sight of teak wood lounger chairs signifies comfort, relaxation and sunny days outdoors. It is this furniture that completes the set-up of a poolside or a patio. The form and length makes it a classic choice for resorts and homes.  One thing’s for sure, lounger chairs always catch the attention of anyone because of the size and design that invites a leisurely stretch.

Made from durable teak wood, this lounger chair has a length that can accommodate the full body and can be adjusted in four different position levels. While resting the whole leg, you can easily enjoy a snack or cool cocktail drink while on upright position. The lower reclining positions are perfect for sunbathing or a nap under the canopy of trees or an open tent.

The design allows the cool air to pass through.  It’s perfect for al fresco seating all the way. For added comfort, the lounger chair comes with a weatherproof cushion that’s perfect for outdoors or even at the poolside. Cushions come in dark green or dark blue, just like the colour of the tranquil waters of the pool or the inviting sight of the sea.

For many years, teak wood remains to be among the top choices for outdoor furniture. Although beauty is a factor, durability stands to be its greatest asset. It is called the “king of durable woods” for a good reason. Coming from mature teak trees, the strength of this wood handles repeated uses and various weight types. It can endure the changes of the seasons and still maintain that strength and beauty that’s expected from an outdoor lounge chair. Among other breeds of wood, teak is more resistant to rotting and does not need chemical treatment to maintain its finish.

Use of the lounger chair is not limited to the outdoors. You can also bring this indoors as funky alternative to a divan. Use it as you wish. Your creativity is your limit. If this can last long in varying weather conditions, imagine how long it can last indoors.  With its durability factor, even the next generations may still enjoy relaxing on this chair.

Being a natural material, teak wood furniture is eco-friendly. Sustainability is not a problem as teak wood trees grow fast. Compared to plastic, teak wood is not only classier; it is also friendlier to the environment. Grown in farms in South Asia, no forests are harmed when harvesting the raw materials and lumber.

Whether for outdoors or indoors, the teak lounger chair is a beautiful and functional companion for the many relaxing moments with friends or family. It is simply a naturally stunning crafty piece of furniture that will last for years to come.