Are you fond of enjoying the natural and pleasant air of your beautiful garden?  Do you usually enjoy breakfasts and casual meals outdoors, in the pleasantness and tranquillity of your garden? We present an exquisitely designed, flexible and stylish furniture set which will perfectly suit all your outdoor use requirements along with enhancing the comfort and style of your garden. Our Round Extending Table Garden Furniture Set is not just limited to outdoor use, but can also be used to provide comfort and utility anywhere indoors. It can be placed on multiple locations around your house, starting with your garden, beside your pool, to your balcony or your terrace.

Superior quality

We are proud to inform you that each item in this furniture set has been built with superior quality teak, and has been manufactured with diligent efficiency and meticulous care to give the furniture a flawless finish and strongly bond it using tennon joinery and mortice. The furniture set also include comfortable and fluffed cushions which are available in several colours which include white, green, red and blue to give you a variety to select a colour that matches the décor of your garden or your designated indoor location.

Furniture with a class apart

The table top is 40 mm thick and its legs are 7cm long and with a diameter for 120cm, it is absolutely ideal to seat six people comfortably. The table can be extended to 180cm, along with an additional 60cm leaf that has a centre hole to create an available parasol. With the option of a parasol to save from the blaring heat of the sun, you can plan all your outdoor lunches with your family without the fear of a sun burn of discomfort.

This set gives a wide and diverse range of uses, from enjoying immersive and fun bridge or pinochle parties with your friends in the garden, a pleasant afternoon tea, to enjoying a nice family breakfast on Sunday to hosting a seven course dinner party on the terrace, this table provides a strong and sturdy base for carrying all sorts of heavy equipment or cutlery. If you are interested in buying our furniture set, we provide you several choices and options that will help you tailoring and personalizing this furniture set according to your needs and décor of your interior. For instance, we allow you to choose a set of chairs from a total of 4 different and unique styles that we have available so that you can customize the style of your Round Extending Table Garden set. Moreover, we also allow you to buy a second set of chairs, in a different colour, in case you may want to place the furniture set in another room and create a completely different look.

The Round Extending Table Garden Furniture set is made with premium quality teak, and it is a value added, economical and advantageous investment which will bring you great comfort, flexibility, diverse utility and durability. If you want, you can buy each piece of this set separately, however, by purchasing the entire set you will save 10% on the costs.