Now you can bring the tranquil elegance of sailing to your home or patio in the shape of these truly beautiful storage boxes.

These delightful pieces are fashioned in the style of Indonesian canoes called Jukungs and are made of the highest quality natural Teak.  However it’s not just the design which has been borrowed from the native Indonesian people, it’s the materials used as well.  The Indonesians have been using Teak to make their Jukungs for centuries; this is because Teak is highly resistant to water and known for its durability.  Fast forward to today and we take advantage of these qualities when crafting our furniture from Teak; these quality pieces can be used both indoors and outdoors.

If you do choose to use these pieces outdoors we feel that they complement rustic patio areas perfectly.  They are really flexible pieces and are able to be wax finished or painted to suit any look.  They can even be painted with calk paint to give an aged, vintage look (extremely popular right now).

If you are using these indoors they naturally suit a room with an outdoorsy feel to it; maybe you have airy patio doors or a rustic, reclaimed dining room suite; these bookcases would complement a room like this perfectly in their natural, waxed state.

Wherever you decide to use these exquisite shelving units, be sure to use them to display treasured or prominent possessions; their simplicity and quality will only enhance whatever it is you decide to share with your guests on their shelves.  These wonderful flavours of rustic Indonesia can be yours to own, cherish and use to bring an effervescent life to any room in your house.

It’s time to sail away; to sail away with beauty, grace and in perfect tranquillity.