They say that every Englishman and womans home is their castle and no castle is complete without enviable grounds and a well kept garden. When if comes then, to choosing garden props, furnishings and static features such as outside studios and recreation spaces, it pays to have an eye for quality craftsmanship, physical durability and aesthetic elegance.

Unlike with the interior of our homes, our gardens and out door areas are always on show and open to appreciation by friends, neighbors and passers by. Even more importantly, our gardens are often social spaces. In mind then, of the quintessential English passion for entertaining whenever possible, our grade A teak Asmara garden furniture set is ideal for those who like to make the most of their garden both socially and privately.

Sanded to a silky smooth finish, our Asmara teak garden furniture set comes complete with cushions and is comprised of two Asmara arm chairs, a 160cm two seater sofa and complementary coffee table.

Durable by nature, the benefit of a full Asmara teak garden furniture set lies with each items versatility. Whether placed on a patio and/or decking area, by a dedicated barbecue installation, or simply used as ultimately luxurious lawn furniture, a full Asmara teak garden furniture set transforms gardens into ultimately functional and inviting spaces.

Weather proof, one is free from worrying about autumnal and winter wet weather. Even better, Asmara teak coupled with weather resilient cushion covers, mean that garden areas can be enjoyed year round without worry. Alternatively, for those who perhaps don’t make use of their gardens as socially over the winter, Asmara teak garden furniture can double as just as elegant conservatory or garden studio furniture.

Of course, Asmara teak pieces such as our arm chair and sofa pieces can be purchased singularly. However, with a full set, people benefit from significant savings when compared to buying pieces separately. Moreover, with our full garden furniture set, people benefit from total comfort and versatility,