Although if you happen to be reading this post in the midst of winter, with freezing cold, wet, and miserable weather, accompanied by short days and long nights, the summer may feel like a lifetime away, in reality, it will come around quicker than you may have realised. Because of this, taking the time to get your garden in order sooner rather than later, is a great way of ensuring that you’re well prepared for the summer. Garden furniture for example, can be tricky, as we aren’t sure what we want. Obviously we want our homes and gardens to look fantastic, which is why cheap plastic furniture isn’t really an option for many of you. Instead, you may have your eye on teak. Here we’ll be looking at three fabulous reasons to purchase a teak fixed garden table for your home, ready for the upcoming summer months.

It is of the finest quality – As the saying goes “you get what you pay for in this world” and never has a saying rang truer, than when referring to teak wood. Although teak wood costs a fair amount more than more generic woods you see in most hardware stores, there is a reason for this, and that reason is the fact that teak wood is one of the finest quality woods you could ever wish for. Whereas most woods only last for one winter and quickly begin to degrade and break down in poor weather conditions, teak wood, thanks to its naturally rich oil content, remains in amazing condition all year long, no matter what the conditions may be. Not only that, but the oils also help to protect the wood from burrowing insects. Teak is designed to last a lifetime with sensible maintenance, so with a teak fixed garden table and chairs, you can enjoy your furniture year after year.

It is weatherproof – As mentioned, teak wood furniture products are designed to last, which is thanks to the natural oils found in the wood. This tropical wood is packed full of naturally occurring oils, which basically ensure that the wood is weatherproof.  Teak however, is weatherproofed by nature, so you simply enjoy the furniture in its natural state, and, when the rain does fall, it needn’t worry you in the slightest.

It is sustainable and eco-friendly – Finally, the last benefit associated with purchasing a teak fixed garden table, or any other piece of teak furniture for that matter, is the fact that the teak wood is so sustainable. The wood doesn’t need to be preserved or treated with harsh chemicals, and not only that, but nowadays there are many controlled teak plantations located all across the globe, that grow and produce teak timber is a controlled and sustainable manner. As teak has such an extraordinary lifespan, it is very much considered to be an eco-friendly product. This means that not only can you and your family and friends enjoy fantastic and beautiful looking pieces of furniture, but you will also be doing your bit for the environment in the process.