There are so many average-looking pieces of garden furniture around these days that it’s such a delight to find high quality and original pieces which really get noticed. The teak garden love seat from C&T falls right into this category, and is bound to receive favourable attention from friends and family. On top of its original and fun look, it’s a comfortable piece of furniture which will be a pleasure for one or two people to sit in for long periods of time – weather permitting!

The good news, however, is that even throughout periods of bad weather, so long as you look after the teak love seat then you can be certain it will be durable enough to retain even its high quality finish.

Even the cushions (available in dark blue or dark green) are weatherproof, so unless there are really extreme conditions then you shouldn’t have to worry about leaving them in place. Teak is a sturdy, water resistant, close grain hardwood which is immune to rotting and fungi, whilst also being highly resistant to insects. You will therefore be able to relax once the seat is in place, knowing that you don’t have to worry about rain or frost.

On top of this, the teak is also from ethical, sustainable sources. Most gardens will have a good spot to place this piece, which will be a pleasure for people to see. In the spring and summer months you could sit here to read a book, either alone or with a partner, and even choose which direction to face. Perhaps, if you place the bench well, you could have nice views in both directions.

For family gatherings or parties, it’s likely there will be a couple who will want to make use of this seat. Everyone likes to get away from the crowd for a while, and this provides a great opportunity. For many reasons, the teak garden love seat is a welcome addition to any garden.