Teak garden furniture has a decidedly middle age vibe about it. But if you love your garden and spend as much time out there as possible, then you will appreciate a piece of quality teak furniture from Chairs & Tables Ltd.

A piece like this recycled teak wood bench makes a statement to the world. You are mistress of your garden and you wish to have a suitable throne from which to survey the results of your hard work. This bench can be left outside in all weathers, thanks to the durability of hardwood. For those without gardens, the good news is that the furniture is also suitable for indoor use. It would fit in a conservatory just as well as on a patio by a summer house or the kind of outdoor balcony room popular in Europe.

Teak wood is tough. Treat yourself to one of these benches and you’ll not only have a place that you can sit now, you will have an instant heirloom. Because this piece is made of reclaimed wood, it’s ecologically sound. These beautiful hardwood benches are unique works of art, hand carved and solidly made. The furniture is lightly waxed to give it a smooth finish. The reclaimed teak comes from old buildings and wood panelling which would otherwise be surplus to requirements and simply scrapped. The detail and craftsmanship turns something unwanted into something very much wanted. The wood becomes a bench full of history. When you buy one of these quality pieces you are adding to that history. You are also helping one of the nine family-run firms which supply furniture to Chairs and Tables Ltd.

This bench is a piece to draw compliments. Some will admire the detailed carvings, others will prefer the solid construction or the fact that it is delivered fully assembled. Everyone is likely to agree that it is a lovely piece of furniture. If you’re a cat owner, be prepared to share the bench with your feline friend, as they too will appreciate the smooth, warm surface and the chance to enjoy the warmth of the sun from such a comfortable location.

The fact that so much care has gone into the production of each piece is reflected in the price. However, think of the bench not just as a piece of garden furniture, but also as a piece of art and suddenly it’s a good investment. Like a piece of Venetian glass, this bench is for you and your family to enjoy, to hand down to the next generation and give them memories to cherish.