Aesthetics and functionality are blended in this unique Large Boat Storage Box made of teak wood. As an accent piece, it can spark interesting conversations with its imposing shape constructed in heavy, wooden material.

Who wouldn’t be curious seeing a rustic piece that can blend with shabby chic style, traditional, or eclectic-themed interior? Once this is in your home, it will definitely catch the attention and awe of anyone.

This boat storage box is one multifunctional furniture item that also adheres with the trends of interior design. It addresses the issues of space limitations, especially for those who reside in condominiums or smaller apartments. The compartments can function as storage for magazines, books, or keepsakes that are discretely tucked away from sight. Having divisions helps make sorting easier. As the hinged cover closes, a classic boat shape remains, which also doubles as a bench when an extra seat is needed. The main boat figure is set on two very stable stands that keep the furniture elevated from the floor.

Inspired by the jukung, the traditional Indonesian canoe made of wood, this design piece can also be a collectible item which can be passed on to another generation. With its sturdy construction and aged wood, it is an investment that will last a long time.

These boat storage boxes come in three sizes. Collectors will love the idea of having three different sizes in one thematic room. To keep the central theme consistent, a boat shelf can also be added to the group of furniture pieces in a room or within the same area or in an adjacent room.

Teak wood is highly valued for its beauty and durability. These types of furniture have adorned the homes of wealthy and powerful families in Asia. In terms of durability, teakwood has always been a prime choice of wooden material among boat builders, particularly in Indonesia since the ancient times. Because of its tough quality, these types of pieces can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its natural oils and rubber that are locked in the actual wood help make it resistant to external elements such as weather, fungi, and insects. Of course, it would definitely last longer if kept as an indoor furniture. It can stay in its optimum state for several generations more.

Our products are made from wood that were grown and harvested in sustainable conditions from our own plantations in Indonesia. If you purchase your teakwood furniture from our store, you are assured that you are receiving wood coming from Javanese plantations, a legal source of high quality lumber.

The Boat Storage Box can be ordered in natural or multi-colored variants. Depending on your style taste and the intended overall look, choose any variant that will match your design needs.

Durability, functionality, and style come with the Boat Storage Box furniture. Satisfaction is guaranteed.