In creating an outdoor space that is accommodating and enjoyable it is worth giving thought to the overall comfort that can be created by well-chosen accessories. Even simple items such as serving trays can improve the enjoyment of the experience for the discerning person.

Selecting ones main items of Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is, of course, vitally important and we take great care to facilitate that choice by giving every assistance to our valued customers by offering a substantial range of choices of pattern and style. However, it would be rather like pouring vintage champagne into plastic tooth mugs to have such fine furniture displayed for ones friends, colleagues and family, only to see it adorned with less than appropriate accessories. For example, Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture supply a teak ‘lazy susan’ so that all seated at the table may have easy access to whatever is being offered to eat and drink without having to reach across. The lazy susan’ like the tables and chair combinations, is made from carefully sourced, properly seasoned and nicely constructed sustainable teak wood. It will sit at the centre of the teak garden table where it can be turned around with ease. Teak being a long grained hard wood, like eucalyptus wood, is not only a matching attraction to the table layout but a highly sensible addition to the overall look. The patina of fine wood is in itself a joy to behold, but in practical terms it feels good, looks good and will remain so for many years to come.

Other accessories in fine teak wood, and compatible with the Chairs and Tables range, are available. For example there is a Lutyens Child’s Teak wood Garden Table upon which a child may play, draw, or from which they may eat. This as an accompaniment to the Lutyens children’s range of teak chairs and tables will grace any patio, decking, or garden lawns, and be compatible with the adult teak garden furniture. For the adults there are a couple of folding picnic tables, one circular and one square, that will facilitate that ad hoc snack meal out in the fresh air, however, they also make excellent occasional tables that will accommodate a tea tray, or a decanter and a nice pair of crystal goblets – whilst one gardens .. An interesting addition that will transform the patio or deck is the Teak Planter. Many people enjoy pottering rather than full on gardening. A matching pair of Teak Planters, available in large, medium or small sizes can make a lovely looking arrangement in themselves, but housing dahlias, canas, geraniums, or even tomato plants, they can become works of art in the most natural way thereby enhancing the entire garden space, they are easily gardened and the larger ones do not required one to bend double in order to reach the plants .. Gardens, large or small are the opportunity for anyone, gardener or not, to enjoy all that nature has to offer. Even a balcony way above the ground can accommodate a few planters with lovely seasonable plants that will attract birds and bees, without too much risk of hay fever. Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is designed for pleasure and comfort, the accessory range will nicely compliment that overall picture.