Are you one for those special, hard-to-come-by little moments when you and your loved ones are sitting together at the same table, enjoying breakfast? What if you got to live those moments out in the open, with our Teak furniture?

Teak has been the outdoor furniture of choice for years now, thanks to its aesthetic appeal and the durability it offers. It is a pretty addition to your front yard, while being just as comfortable to sit on. Teak furniture is a perennial feature, that means it can be used out in the open all year round and still not rot or get destroyed by insects.

We at Chairs and Tables present to you the Turnworth Teak Round Ring Table and Chairs, available in 180cm and 150cm variants. This set also includes 8 teak chairs, and Chairs and Tables will also provide the cushions, so that you can have a get-together with your friends and family while sitting in the sun.

Teak wood has a high content of natural oils, helping it to retain its beautiful golden hue and smooth texture. It goes with any type of décor that you are currently having in your house, and it ages wonderfully to turn silvery gray over time, making it something you can use for years and years.

Most outdoor furniture can be a pain to maintain, as most can get really grimy over time as well as develop mold because of the moisture in the air. Getting them clean is a daunting task, and you might need a pressure washer or chemicals to do so. If your teak furniture gets dirty, all you need is some warm, soapy water with a soft sponge or cloth to accompany it. No scrubbing or chemicals required, just a gentle wiping should do it. Teak furniture is amazingly easy to maintain.

The sheer number of antique teak furniture suggests the durability it has. Teak furniture is definitely a long term investment, and one which you will never regret. A lot of furniture tends to get damaged because of water or when moving, but our Turnwood Teak Round Ring Table and Chairs will withstand all of that and stay with your family for generations to come. Who would have thought teak furniture is the perfect hand-me-down?

Just think about it – a small, intimate party in your garden, everybody sitting around a fresh-looking Turnwood Round Table in their favorite chairs, having a good time together. And the best part, the table has a 100cm turntable in the centre, so you don’t have to stretch out to get something you want all the time. Just spin it around and get what you like. The Teak Round Ring Table and Chairs set is the perfect marriage of style and utility.

If you are buying each part of this furniture set separately, you will end up paying 10% more than you have to when you buy this set as a whole. Rely on Chairs and Tables to provide you with the best in teak furniture with the Turnwood Teak Round Ring Table and Chairs set.