Chairs and Tables is a Company that specialises in the supply of the finest quality garden furniture for discerning people who wish to make their garden a friendly, comfortable and enjoyable retreat from the cares and stresses of modern day life. The Company concentrates on the better quality end of the market, poorer quality wooded furniture shows its loss of quality once exposed to the elements and with use. Whereas, Chairs and Tables Teak and Eucalyptus

garden furniture is superior in quality, durability and style, furniture that will stand the test of time.

Chairs and Tables offer a delightful range of eucalyptus furniture. Since the days of Empire eucalyptus timber has been used for industrial purposes and furniture, much of it used in Australia and the Americas where the trees are native. However, this hard wood, like its cousin teak, is eminently suitable to use in garden furniture making, the trees grow up to 300m feet tall, and there are more than 600 species of the plant. The timber colouring ranges from red to a reddish brown, is scented, and offers a variation in pattern from the more commonly used teak. Chairs and Tables insist upon the timber used in their furniture making being from Certified sustainable sources under the FSC rules. As with teak, this durable hard wood is easily worked, resilient, has a silky feel, and looks a million dollars!

Chairs and Tables are offering a nice range of eucalyptus wood garden furniture manufactured from Eucalyptus Grandis timber which, due to its durability and weather resistance, is perfect for the gardens and patios of fashionable homes. The Merano Three Seater Bench has a traditional look, is comfortable, and due to its natural feel is a lovely addition to any outdoor space. With Merano folding chairs as an accompaniment they make a tasteful combination. With a well- stocked Sun Deck Trolley one could while away a happy autumnal hour or two quite merrily whilst planning an assault on the falling leaves, or how on earth to collect all of the windfall apples from where they have fallen.

Gardens, may we suggest, are there to be enjoyed, however one chooses to do that, but even the hardest working garden fan needs to rest and relax occasionally. To take the weight off ones feet and rest a while is important. To replenish the soul by taking time to look upon the garden, to see nature working its miracles, and to do so in style, makes perfect sense. Chairs and Tables the sustainable teak and eucalyptus specialist garden furniture supplier do not offer tacky poor quality doubtfully sourced quick fixes. Rather, we seek out the finest quality materials, ensuring that they are FSC Certified, then we select the designs, the hardiest materials, making certain that they will keep their looks and feel throughout our weather conditions, and along the way we work especially hard to be sure that the furniture is comfortable. Surely the acid test of a good piece of furniture is does it feel comfortable, because if it does not then it is useless, however, if the item is a joy to use then we have done our job well, and we do take our work very seriously.