….although as we enter into autumn and the onset of falling leaves to be dealt with, delicate plants to be wrapped and protected, hard work is what many people will anticipate just now. However, many of us will enjoy the Season of Mellow fruitfulness as it is also a time of vibrant colours, of chrysanthemums flowering, and crisp mornings with the promise of next year’s plantings to be planned, with military precision or not.

It is also a good time for sitting out in our ‘outdoor room’, indeed good quality garden furniture can create as much comfort as one might experience inside the house, but with the benefit of fresh air and lovely scenery. A nicely presented outdoor space can be a delightful concept.

The key to making the outdoor space a ‘living’ space is acquiring good quality outdoor teak furnishings. The range of teak furniture offered by Chairs and Tables is both extensive and the highest quality available. Our range of furniture for adults and children alike is carefully designed, nicely detailed, well proportioned, hand crafted and sustainably sourced. Essentially, the Chairs and Tables range of teak furniture is comfortable, good looking, and durable, enough to grace any garden.

To furnish an outdoor space, what better than a well-designed and attractive teak table with six matching teak recliner chairs providing an excellent space for entertaining ones friends, and one can be certain that with Chairs and Tables fine designs they will be admired for their good looks and comfort. How about a garden bench from which to oversee the gardening endeavours of a loved one and maybe offer some carefully chosen advice? On gentle autumn evenings it is a joy to share a seat with friends or family whilst chatting and watching nature unfold before you. Teak benches are available in traditional designs, including those forming a circle to encompass a tree or other centre point. Should the sun make a (rare) appearance there is a range of lovely, easy to use, sun loungers enabling the user to top up their tan before winter gets underway.

Chairs and Tables are the Online Garden Furniture specialists who take great pride in creating the best quality Teak Garden Furniture.