With its smooth, sanded finish and rounded design, the tabletop teak wood Lazy Susan has never looked so elegant and will make the perfect addition to your dining area or your garden table.

Made from sustainable sourced teak wood, with tennon joinery and mortice, it’s constructed with the highest quality craftsmanship to ensure ease of use and that added weight won’t stop it from functioning. At 60cm, it has sealed aluminum ball bearings to help it turn freely. Included is an integrated center hole cut-out to allow access for your umbrella / Parasol. It also matches other teak wood products we have and will blend perfectly with your garden design ensuring serving is easy, elegant and effortless!

  • No Assembly Required
  • 3 Year Warranty

Other Uses

Serving as an essential element to your indoor or outdoor dining needs, you will find your Lazy Susan is multi-use fuctional and is great for shared items or turning items including:

  • AT MEALTIME: Serving as a food trolley that can be turned with ease of use for your guests to partake of the various food items you have prepared or you can use it to hold cutlery and dinner napkins for your guests to take
  • IN PANTRIES: Serving as a canned good, spice or condiment stand, it can fit easily in your pantry and help you find spices when you need them, or store under the sink and rotate it to find cleaning supplies or other household items
  • AS A TV OR LAPTOP STAND: Serving as a small and stable TV stand for outdoor use if you have children that are watching a cartoon at a barbeque, or adults watching a football game on a tablet or laptop
  • AT A FORMAL EVENT: Use it as a cake or pie turner, and it can also help you to decorate your cake so you can turn it with ease
  • IN MEDICINE CLOSETS: It makes an easy to use carousel that can help you find medications and other items that make this a smooth turning, space saver for all your essential personal items