Chairs and Tables offer their customers the option to lounge in style and elegance with the Teak Lounger with Cushion. Take the time out of a busy schedule and relearn the concept of relaxing in a place where you belong, the place you call home. Sustainable sourced teak furniture like the teak lounger with the cushion make it all that more appealing and pleasurable on those relaxing summer days.

A great addition to any area where you may want to create a relaxing oasis, the Teak Lounger with Cushion adds a modern take to the traditional loungers. The overall look and design easily blends into new or existing garden and patio areas and easily compliments any architectural design. Manufactured with high quality sustainable sourced teak, the longevity of the lounger is beyond comparison to anything currently on the market.

The Teak Lounger with Cushion is a full length lounge chair with a four position seat back. The positioning ranges from sitting nearly upright to a completely flat surface. The range in positioning easily allows users to relax and read, sunbathe, sip refreshing beverages or merely rest. Situate the lounger with a teak side table for added convenience and comfort. The possibilities are as endless as they are pleasurable.

The Teak Lounger with Cushion features the best in comforts and conveniences:

Multi-positional seat back at 4 intervals

13 bottom slats that feature a slight arch for added stability, fit and comfort

14 seat back supports for comfort, strength, stability and support

Contoured arm rests to conform to your body

Rear wheel for ease in mobility and transport

Choice of Dark Blue or Dark Green Full Length Waterproof Cushion

Attached Waterproof Headrest/Pillow

3 year purchase Date Warranty

Free UK Delivery

The Teak Lounger with Cushion is an eye catching high quality piece of patio furniture. You are sure to use this lounger for multiple purposes beyond its initial intended purposes and will easily find it being your go to piece outside. It is a fun, engaging conversational piece that may have your guests refusing refreshments for fear of losing a prised seat. Make it a double set at home if you don’t want to be stuck vying for your seat