The Lutyens Children’s chair, what style and elegance in an item of children’s furniture? Crafted from the finest Teak hardwood, sustainably sourced, Grade’ A’ Teak is just perfect for the job and gives strength and durability, the Lutyens Chair is the epitome of stylish furniture for younger users. The kiln dried Teak of the Lutyens Chair is weather resistant, retains its luster and shape, and will not succumb easily to rough handling. Further, we take very seriously the need for health and safety, our Teak Children’s chairs are carefully designed to ensure there are no finger traps, no splinters or rough edges, neither are there any coatings applied that could contaminate them through the skin etc.

The Lutyens design is characteristically fresh in its lines and construction as one would expect from a product that celebrates one of our Country’s most renowned architects and designers. Rather than taking liberties the manufacturing of this fine furniture is crafted with solid mortise and tenon joints, fastened with brass screws because they will not rust, and constructed for strength to cope with children’s rough handling. Because this furniture is for children we see no reason to cut corners on quality or construction, rather we create smaller adult quality chairs for children, they are simply smaller in size but no less well made, indeed the only difference is the size.

In the event of one’s children actually sitting down long enough to occupy a chair this lovely well-made and stylish chair is perfect for small people, and alongside the adult sized furniture will add greatly to the display rather than detracting from it, thereby raising the overall appearance of your patio or deck. As well as being comfortable, there is room for growth, plus with its curved arms this Lutyens Teak Garden chair for children is comfortable on the eye, and solid enough to resist attempts to overturn it by the more boisterous youngster. Whilst the children are young then the chairs will accommodate one, maybe even two smaller ones, however, once they are getting larger it might be wise to acquire a Lutyens bench for children. The Lutyens Children’s bench is essentially a two seater, with good center of balance, curved arms rests and the same distinctive style as the Lutyens chair making it an easy fit with your adult’s outdoor room furnishing.

As with all of our Teak furniture it is manufactured from Grade’ A’ teak that has been kiln dried to ensure its hardness and strength in use, sustainably sourced, and is naturally weather resistant and crafted for safety, and comfort, and its appeal. The Lutyens Children’s chair’s construction should survive the most boisterous youngster.

More good news! The Lutyens Chair for children and the Lutyens bench for children will be delivered to you in one piece, absolutely no Alien screws and flat packing.

As with all of our outdoor furniture the Lutyens Children’s furniture can be ordered from our on line catalogue.