Have you ever dreamt of relaxing on a Luxury Ocean going liner whilst lounging upon on a purpose made adjustable recliner? Well, we can supply the recliner, but sadly not the Luxury Ocean going liner, but you can still put your feet up as though you were on board ship. What could be closer to such absolute luxury than a well-designed and comfortable Classic Teak Steamer chair or garden lounger? Even in suburbia, if one wants to sleep in the sun, or sunbathe, it is vital not to be stressed by being uncomfortable. Our heavy duty Classic Teak Steamer reclining chair is just such luxury. Manufactured from Grade ‘A’ teak and crafted for relaxation the lounger is lovely to look at and very restful. The Classic Teak Steamer chair is manufactured from carefully selected and sustainably sourced teakwood that holds its innate quality throughout its useful life, being cool to the touch, having a lovely patina, retaining its shape and smoothness, plus being weatherproof, invaluable in the typical British weather, makes it a must for the discerning buyer. The Classic Teak Steamer chair has four adjustable settings to maximize your comfort, allowing you adjustment from a more upright position to sunbathing and more relaxing lounger levels. A collection of these Teak Steamer chairs on your deck or patio will add splendour and comfort at one and the same time. With additional of three part fitted weather proof cushions in a choice of dark navy, dark green or red or white you are set to make your picture perfect. Comfort, elegance, and superior style that will set you apart. The Classic Teak Steamer chairs will fold flat making storage more simple, and indeed will allow ease of re-location about your outdoor rooms.

The ultimate in Lounger luxury is the Full length Teak Garden Lounger, as with all of our product ranges this furniture is manufactured from Grade’ A’ Teak that has been sustainably sourced, it is seasoned hard wood that holds its colour and its texture, remaining cool to the touch no matter how hot the weather, and for the British climate is weatherproof. Top to toe luxury allows you to chill out in style, enjoy the garden tranquility and enjoy maximum comfort. The Teak Garden Lounger comes with green or blue weatherproofed cushions to add to your comfort. The rake of this Teak Garden lounger is adjustable allowing a choice of four positions to the user, so that you can be comfortable in a more upright position, perhaps to read, or in a choice of more restful reclining positions.

Both the Teak Steamer Reclining Chair and the Teak Garden Lounger carry a three years warranty on manufacture from the time of purchase, and all of these items can be purchased from our on-line catalogue