A garden bench needs to be a number of things, but first and foremost it needs to be comfortable. Made from Grade’ A’ sustainably sourced, kiln dried, Teak our garden benches are designed for sitting, whereas many inferior products are designed to be cheap and cheerful, this shows in the poor nature of the beast with seats that are uncomfortable to sit on and materials that will not withstand the rigors of our British weather. Simple things matter too, such as the fact that Teak will remain cool to the touch on a hot day because it does not retain the heat.

Our Grade ‘A’ Teak is selected with care for each construction and turned into something of lasting beauty that will retain its colour, and its quality feel, for years to come. At Chairs and Tables we take great care to design and make furniture that is first and foremost fit and proper for the job in hand. We see no point in creating furniture that is uncomfortable or substandard. Our designs in themselves are crafted and good to look at, being the best quality of Teak they actually look superior retaining a lustre through years of use, they are superior in every way.

There are a variety of designs, from traditional shapes, but with flair, to the Banana shape curved bench, or the Ring benches that will encircle a tree or form a circular focal point from which to always be able to see what is going on in your garden throughout the seasons. Our benches being made from Teak are very strong enabling us to produce the larger six feet long four seater for when you are feeling chummy, or the four feet long two seater for a more friendly tete-a- tete. There is even a Lutyens bench for children. Styles include: the Aldeburgh deluxe bench, a traditional straight bench, Framlingham and Lutyens benches that are beautifully styled to add to their charm, and Southwold benches, again more traditional but having strength and panache. In each instance it is possible to purchase weather proof cushions to make your experience even more pleasurable, and to make it easier to sit a while and enjoy your new furniture whilst you while away the hours.

Chairs and Tables on line catalogue is brim full of ideas and our staff are available to help you decide. So if you are a weary gardener, or simply wanting to take the weight off your feet whilst you take in the scenery, relax, and enjoy a truly comfortable garden seat from Chairs and Tables, No 1 for comfort and quality.