As the weather takes a turn for the better and summer finally arrives, now is the perfect time to start planning the garden. A lot of the time it can go relatively unattended, meaning there may be the need for some work done, and for some upgrades. Garden furniture is the ideal way to get the most of the nice weather and spend as much time in outdoors as possible.

This means there could be a need for some new garden furniture. Now the temptation could just be to save some money and go for standard plastic furniture, it does its job after all? Actually spending more on some high quality teak garden furniture could end up saving you money in the long run – not to mention several other benefits that make it a no brainer!

Let’s begin by mentioning why it’s better to invest a little more in some high grade wood furniture such as teak. Teak wood is very popular for furniture, and there are a fewer notable reasons. Most obviously is the aesthetics. Simply put, teak is a beautiful wood. It’s elegant and lightweight, making it not only easy on the eyes, but also easy to move which is always helpful. The natural grain of the wood can be seen and its colour perfectly complements most gardens, from patios to decking – it looks great with any set up.

So what would you prefer for a summer barbecue or garden part, some elegant soft gran wood or some cheap looking plastic furniture that looks like it was bought in a supermarket? Most plastic furniture is very uncomfortable, and susceptible to break (one reason it’s so cheap). Teak wont only looks great, but it is actually strong a, durable and made to last. Nobody wants to have to buy new furniture every six months or so, it makes more sense to invest in a long term solution.

Speaking of durability, it’s really worth mentioning the strength and condition of teak furniture. Teak wood is naturally strong, so teak furniture is naturally strong. Tables can take plenty of weight as can chairs, meaning that you needn’t worry about accidental breakages or damage to the furniture. This also means they can handle the potential damage that comes from having excited children running around the garden, which is always a bonus!

Maintenance is minimal too, as this is a very durable wood, it can be left to the elements and it will survive. At most a clean once a month is needed to keep it in tip top shape. A wet cloth can deal with most spills and stains, so it couldn’t be easier to clean any furniture. The fact it can be left out without worrying about how the weather could destroy is always nice, and another reason as to why it’s worth the extra investment.

Teak garden furniture is the perfect way to take your garden to the next level. Its appearance is unrivalled, any guest or even just a member of the family will struggle not to enjoy sitting on it for just how great it looks. Throw in throw in the fact that is strong, durable and easy to maintain makes it more than obvious just how worth the cost the furniture is. So for anyone looking to have some phenomenal looking furniture sitting in their garden for years to come needn’t look any further than teak.