Most of us have our inside furniture where we entertain the family and guest that we invite over, however not many of us have decent furniture for outdoor use. Those beautiful starry nights shouldn’t go to waste, and neither should those crisp spring afternoons. Teak furniture is useful all year around and you don’t need to store it when the weather changes. There’s no hassle of bringing teak furniture inside or covering it against the harsh winters, as teak is a durable wood. Also because of the grain and natural oils preserved in the wood, you won’t have to worry about splintering or rotting wood after a few years. Teak is one of the most durable woods that you can make furniture from, some benches can even last up to a century old without any harm.

If you are in the market for a table, chairs or even just a few accessories for your patio, Teak furniture is the way to go. Don’t buy cheap furniture from the store down the street just because it suits your needs at that time. Teak furniture is an investment, yes you pay more up front but you save more in the long run. You don’t need to replace Teak made furniture every year or two like you would if you put metal or plastic furniture. Cloth furniture will soak up rain and moisture which can create a musty smell after a while and doesn’t dry very quickly. Teak furniture is water resistant, rain and humidity won’t affect the quality of the wood so you can enjoy your patio all year long.

Style is also not something you need to worry about when investing in Teak furniture. People who buy plastic made furniture will buy something that’s in style for that season. Meaning you could end up with bright yellow chairs for a couple years which you will begin to loathe after a while. Teak furniture comes in one simple neutral colour which will please anyone’s designer eye. Don’t take this the wrong way though, as you can always spruce up your patio with colours should you desire. Our planters are a good example of this, as the teak planter remains the same colour all year long, but you are able to change the flowers and create special arrangements for each season.

Having Teak furniture will create a simple yet elegant appeal to your patio, and will encourage others to enjoy your home when you have gatherings. Your family and you deserve to have something special and being bathed in compliments from your friends is just a plus. Don’t be embarrassed by your flimsy patio furniture any longer, invest in Teak and gain independence from being stuck inside all day.