Teak furniture is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for garden accessories that will not only stand the test of time and withstand harsh weather, but will look good and provide a point of interest to get everybody talking.

In addition, for people that entertain a lot, teak furniture is ideal as it will stand up to a lot of wear and tear, and accidental knocks, which might occur when there are a lot of people seated around it; teak is designed for comfort as well

If you are looking for new garden furniture, here are some key pieces to consider for your garden this spring and summer

Large boat storage box
This is guaranteed to make your back garden stand out. The boat storage box is perfect for storing away all of your garden accessories, cushions etc., and it can also double as a unique table setting.

The single door storage makes accessibility easy and it can be used as a seat. With so many different purposes, this one-off item of teak furniture is a worthwhile investment, and it can be used inside as well.

Teak Chairs
As well as looking good, teak chairs offer comfort and are perfect for enjoying the spring and summer days, and for watching the sun go down in the early evening. Our Banana Teak Garden Arm Chair offers superior style and durability, and the chair’s perfect for getting out when friends or family come to call and you need extra seating.

Deluxe teak bench
If you need to accommodate a lot of people, or just want to enjoy the peace of the garden or the birdsong, then you are sure to appreciate a deluxe teak bench that is capable of catering for a group of people without bowing under the weight.

As well as being highly functional, the deluxe teak bench looks elegant and sleek; the grade A teak used in its construction means it has durability as well as style.

Teak Streamer Chair
The last few summers in the UK have been better than expected; if you want to soak up the sun when the warmer weather (hopefully) arrives this year, then consider buying a teak streamer chair so you can make the most of the warmer months while you lie back with a glass of wine or two.