The garden is a person’s favourite getaway. Whenever the sun’s out and the temperature’s high, getting outside among the greenery and the fresh air is a pleasure few can resist.

To fully enjoy the garden and gain maximum enjoyment from being out there involves taking some time and effort to develop its beauty. Whether alone, with family, or hosting company, having a rich green lawn and blooming flowers around creates a sense of peace, serenity and relaxation.

But another thing that makes the garden what it is, is the quality of furniture found out there. The British weather is known for being harsh and unpredictable, so finding items that are durable, strong and well-made is essential. Along with the quality build of your garden furniture should be its appearance. When shopping at the higher end of the scale, build and appearance aren’t binary opposites.

Perhaps this is why so many now turn to teak. Teak is a hardwood derived from a tropical species of tree. Its natural characteristics mean it’s firm, hard to the touch, yet extremely pleasing on the eye. It’s low maintenance, easy to clean and is as premium a range of furniture as it’s possible to find.

Teak garden furniture sets

The best way to buy teak garden furniture is as part of a set. Sets come in different styles, different sizes and with different price tags. Depending on the size of your garden, or the amount of space you’re looking to fill, you can opt for a small 150cm round table, perfect for coffee, all the way to an extending one which can seat the whole family.

The Turnworth 150cm Round Table and Chairs set is ideal for smaller gardens, such as those in city, or those with features in already. The set comes with six premium chairs and a table perfect for holding cups during a weekly coffee get together.

The Rectangular Teak Extending Table set is another option, suitable for those with bigger gardens or more space to fill. The table extends to seat 8, and is easy to assemble. Made with Grade A teak, and with a sleek, smooth finish, this table has proven popular with those who entertain and those who love being outside.

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