The round chairs of the Turnworth 150cm Teak Round Ring Table almost make the set look like a blossoming flower; which makes them the perfect fit for regular entertaining outside in the garden. Made out of high quality wood, teak is known for being both water resistant and highly durable allowing it to easily weather almost any of the outdoor elements without any tarnish or rotting. At the same time, the lightly coloured wood has a stunning finish that is earthy and soft so that it adds to your garden unlike plastic and obtrusive metals.

The Turnworth set comes with a 150cm Round Ring Table that is made out of teak along with six teak comfortable chairs that feature full arm rests and a back designed to hug the sitter in a circular fashion. The indulgent teak chairs are so comfortable that your guests will be hesitant to leave once they are seated. The luxury design of the teak furniture set also has a unique 80cm turntable so that guests can rotate the table to reach the items they want as needed. This allows you to easily serve dinner on the patio without spills or bother to other guests.

If you need one more reason to check out the brilliant Turnworth 150 cm Teak Round Ring Table consider the fact that teak furniture is highly sustainable and is an environmentally friendly purchase. Other garden sets such as plastic or metal sets leave a large carbon footprint behind with them, but the Turnworth Teak Round Table and Chairs garden dining set is 100% Grade A Sustainable Teak. Not only will it practically last a lifetime, but naturally it decays so it is also an 100% green friendly purchase.