Made from sustainable teakwood , our products are not only designed to please the eye but also the environment.  As we are now living in an ailing world, we’d like to do our part in aiding and prolonging whatever life it has left by contributing less or none at all, to its destruction.  We make sure that we only use materials that do not cause any more harm to this world.  Though, there are only a few companies like us, especially in this line of business, we are proud to have made this conscious choice to be different, we are not just a furniture shop, we are also, and more importantly, defenders of the earth.

We have benches, tables, and chairs that cater to gardens of any size.  Our designs are made by designers with the highest regard for beauty, sophistication, and function.  As a result, our products are not just there to accommodate needs but also to stand as works of arts.  We also offer a variety of designs for different landscapes, because we believe in the individuality of each person who tende to have different tastes and opinions on how things should look like.  Beauty may be relative but, purpose isn’t… at least, not in this case … or is it?  Our tables are tables and chairs, chairs, well, until they cease to be just that.  In the right conditions, mood, or situation, they may become so much more.  Our tables, for example can magically turn into banquets of eternal feasting during the hot, barbecue days of the summer, our chairs, thrones of relaxation.  Our benches can be tunnels to different universes when reading the new Stephen King book in the lazy autumn afternoons.  Whatever it may be, our products are what you make them to be, they are designed to your convenience and can be altered to your satisfaction.

We continue to do this craft that we love dearly for as long as there are still people out there in need of some place to call their very own sanctuary

Chairs and Tables Limited are teak garden furniture importers based in Suffolk. See there full range of furniture at