If you have reached the time in your life when you have got a bit more time to relax and you want to spend it with friends and family in the comfort of your own back garden, then investing in a beautiful teak garden table is a wise idea. Our range of teak garden tables caters for just about everyone’s needs and we have one for every occasion.

As detailed below, we have a range of tables:

Extending Tables

If you want some flexibility so that you can adapt the size of your garden table according to the size of the gathering, then our range of extending tables will be ideal for your needs. We offer three different designs; each of them can cater for up to eight people, so they are perfect for when you have guests over.

Folded Tables

If your garden space is limited, but you still want to be able to accommodate guests in the summer, then you’ll like our range of space-saving foldable teak garden furniture. Our range comes in three different styles, so there is something to complement every garden.

Teak Fixed Garden Furniture

Our range of teak fixed garden furniture includes our own exclusive designs that we are proud to offer to our customers. These are guaranteed to look fantastic on any lawn or patio in the summer and will also withstand the cold and wet weather.

Benefits of Teak Garden Furniture

If you are still undecided over whether teak furniture is right for you, then here are some of the benefits of teak garden furniture.


One of the main benefits of teak garden furniture is its durability. Teak furniture is known for its ability to withstand all types of weather. This means that it will stand up to heavy rain or other harsh weather conditions; it will cope well with the summer heat as well. In addition, teak furniture can also withstand pests.

Strength and stability

Teak is known for its strength and stability. This is particularly beneficial for people that plan to have large family gatherings or for those that like to spend their time socialising with friends during the summer. Teak furniture is able to cope with an awful lot of wear and mistreatment without becoming damaged.

Environmentally friendly

These days’ consumers are looking for products that are kind to the environment and teak furniture is in this category. Teak wood does not need to be enhanced with added chemicals and comes from a natural source so it is not polluting to the environment.