Finding the best outdoor furniture for your needs can be difficult. Plastic never looks good and may not always match your decorum. Wrought iron can tend to be expensive and can be too hot to sit on during the summer months. That’s why we supply teak furniture for the homeowner who is interested in having a garden or patio that is perfect for all their needs.

Teak Furniture is Attractive

The finish of teak wood is highly adaptable to any decorations or settings you may have outside. The rich, warm colour of this wood will add a sense of style to any deck or patio. If the natural colour of the wood is not your thing, teak is very easy to stain or paint, so that it can coordinate with the rest of your furnishings.

Teak Furniture is Durable

The natural wood of teak trees has the properties to ward off fungus, dry rot and parasites, meaning that is designed to withstand being outdoors for extended periods of time. Teak wood also doesn’t warp, so that rain and moisture won’t affect your furniture. This means that they will last a long time and remain in pristine condition for the rest of its life. Not only will you save money on not having to replace your outdoor furniture every few years, but it doesn’t waste the wood that’s been harvested from these trees.

Easy to Clean

Have you struggled with trying to keep your outdoor furniture clean when company comes over? Teak furniture makes clean-up a breeze. All it needs is a wet cloth to wipe it down and keep it looking as good as new. In order to maintain the warm colour, varnish can be applied to its surface on a regular basis to protect the wood beneath. Teak furniture tends to be very low maintenance in this regard, and if you choose not to varnish it, that doesn’t mean it’s ruined. Over time, the honey colour will change to a silver grey, without affecting either the durability or the strength of the wood.

Teak Wood Furniture is Strong

If you’re looking for hardwood furniture that was built to last, then teak should be your first choice. With its inability to warp and lack of corroding over time, teak is one of the best woods that can be used for outdoor furniture. No matter the weather, whether it’s sun or shine, teak furniture is designed for the rest of your life.

If you’re interested in furniture that will not only make your garden look good, but can withstand the elements and pests, if so, teak furniture is definitely the right choice for you. Consider making it a part of your patio or garden furniture, and you’ll come to appreciate the benefits of owning this beautiful, durable furniture.