The senses excite under the grace of summer warmth, fresh air, and the presence of friends and loved ones. These moments make up our fondest memories, and are occasions we look forward to throughout the entire year. Unfortunately, preparing for this beautiful times can take a lot out of you. Trimming, mowing, and gardening are an inevitable part of the process.

Sometimes, the worst part can be transporting the patio and garden furniture in and out of storage, whether that be a shed or garage. It always seems to be a struggle to get your patio or garden ready for lounging and get-togethers alike. However, you’ll be delighted to know that there is a timber that can withstand all that mother nature has to offer, while remaining a quality piece of furniture.

Teak, or Tectona Grandis is a tropical timber that dominates hardwood forests throughout Asia, mainly Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Burma. It has been cultivated in many other countries, but grows in great numbers in its native lands.   Teak has always been idolized for its durability and resistance. That’s why for over two-thousand years teak has been used in boatbuilding for both the internal structure and the exterior beauty. In recent years, teak has expanded its portfolio. Exterior construction for buildings, artistic carvings, turning mechanisms, and most reputably- outdoor furniture and decoration. You’d be surprised to find that a good majority of the benches that have been around for decades, are constructed from teak.

Teak has a high oil content, tight grain, and tensile strength that protects the timber from rot, warping, shrinkage, and swelling. The oil content lends to its dexterity and makes the wood easy to shape and form with various tools. The tight grain is a quality that increases resistance, as the wood lacks open pores and the tensile strength lends to the durability. In fact, it often causes blunting on edged tools used during construction because of it’s strength. Chairs and Tables has a passion for this delicate and durable wood, and we create our most prized furniture with timber that has been purchase from certified, ecologically managed plantations.

When spring renews the season, teak furniture is ready for use. Even after a long and harsh winter, the maximum amount of effort teak would require is wiping off a recent rain’s moisture. The same garden bench you purchase today, will rest in your backyard for decades to come and become personally treasured to you and your family. And one day, perhaps considered an heirloom. Think of everything that happens at your home, from the front door to the backyard-some things will just always be there. Chairs and Tables has made their philosophy ethical production and quality protects that will last your family for decades. We are intimately involved with our products from when teak is harvested, to when you and your loved one sit down to watch the birds.