It might surprise you to know that Giving Gift Vouchers brings so many benefits:

For the person who receives them it provides freedom and choice. They can get an item they really want, one that they have yearned and dreamed of having; that suits their style choices and preferences.

For the giver, it takes away so much of the anxiety that accompanies gift giving. When you give a gift voucher, you no longer have to worry if what you have bought was the right thing, if they will love or hate it. If in a few months time it this unwanted gift will be listed on eBay. Believe me, it happens. A lot.

For a time gift vouchers went out of fashion. They had a stigma about them, as if they were given by those who didn’t much care and who couldn’t be bothered.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. A gift voucher shows how much you do care. A gift voucher shows that you care enough to allow the recipient the privilege and indulgence of making a choice. And, thankfully, maybe due to the opportunity and choice provided by on-line shopping, gift vouchers are making a comeback.

Yes, it is true. They are a great ‘Get Out Of Jail Free Card’ if you have left things a bit late. Maybe you didn’t check your calendar and have only realised on the day itself (and only then because your phone sounded a reminder), that you have not actually been out to get that card or present. No problem, just get online with your debit card or PayPal account and send a gift voucher. Job done. That is a benefit it’s true.

Weddings these days are done a little differently. Now, the bride and groom send you a ‘Save The Date’ card. It arrives long before the actual Wedding Invitation. At the same time, you may well find a note or instruction that the bride and groom have a ‘Gift List’ registered; or that they would prefer, rather than receiving gifts, to have you deposit funds to their honeymoon fund at such and such a webpage. Gone are the days when newly weds got 3 identical toasters! But our point is this; They are all forms of gift voucher schemes. Yes, gift vouchers eally are coming back into fashion. They are very much in vogue; the gift couples want to receive.

Maybe someone in your workplace is about to get married, have a baby, a special birthday, or are retiring? It’s been a long standing tradition for someone to be reluctantly nominated to be in charge of a covert and hush-hush collection operation. That’s all very well, but then, that unfortunate person also gets the unenviable task of going out to buy the actual gift. Not only that, they also get the job of wrapping it ready for the inevitable presentation.

Depending on the popularity of the person benefiting from the collection (or the generosity of the donors), the gift could be of significant value. However, what happens if it is not really the right thing? The recipient stands there embarrassed by all the attention as people gather around. They plaster on a false smile; “It’s just what I wanted. Thank you so much”. There follows hesitant applause. Everyone’s feet are shuffling, discomfited, embarrassed. Let’s get this over with. Quickly.

  • Does this ring bells?
  • Have you witnessed something like this?
  • Worse still, have you been the star of the awkward show?

A Gift Voucher saves all this hassle and awkwardness.

If purchased with collection money, be that in the workplace, within a family or a group of friends, or of all three clubbing together; it is likely to be a substantial sum. A sum big enough to get something super special. Something of quality, to be prized and cherished, well loved and that will serve as a lovely memento in years to come.

Isn’t that infinitely better than giving something that will be unwanted or unsuitable? We think so.

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