Let’s face it, we work hard for our money and we work hard to make our homes and gardens look as stylish and as beautiful as possible, which is why we spend so long cleaning, decorating, tidying, straightening, and maintaining items in our homes and gardens. This is all well and good but sometimes we simply want things that we can sit back and enjoy without having to dedicate so much of our spare time to cleaning and maintaining them. Take garden furniture for instance. During the warmer months there are few finer things in life than relaxing in our gardens in the evening after a long and hard day. As a result of this, many of us choose to purchase garden furniture designed to enhance the appeal of our gardens whilst providing a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Wooden garden furniture in particular is proving to be extremely popular but the one main drawback there is the fact that as the weather is so unpredictable and often poor it has to be said, the wood constantly requires cleaning and maintaining which can be a lot of hard work. Teak wooden garden furniture however is different and offers numerous benefits compared with standard garden furniture and for that reason here’s a look at just four.

Teak garden furniture is incredibly strong – One of the main benefits associated with Teak garden furniture is the fact that it is incredibly strong when compared with standard garden furniture. Teak wood is slightly flexible yet it is able to resist against breakages so it will last an incredibly long time without chipping or cracking. It is also far heavier than most other pieces of standard garden furniture, so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over or blowing away in bad weather.

Teak garden furniture is insect and weather proof – Another benefit associated with Teak garden furniture is that it is insect and weather proof, meaning that you don’t have to worry about it rotting or weathering in poor weather or suffering due to certain insects such as woodworm. As the weather is often temperamental we often experience heavy rain, wind, and even snow and ice during the winter, which would ordinarily do incredible amounts of damage to standard pieces of garden furniture. Teak garden furniture however, remains unaffected and so will basically last an entire lifetime. Though it is weather proof, it is still advisable to store your teak furniture in a garage or shed during the winter months.

It doesn’t need maintaining – Other pieces of wooden garden furniture often need sanding down and painting or staining every few years, which can be quite a frustrating and time consuming job, especially if you’re like most people and don’t have much spare time as it is. Teak furniture is different as because it is so durable and hard wearing, it doesn’t need staining or sanding down and will instead weather naturally and will develop a stunning honey colour before gradually turning to a lovely looking light silver colour over several years.

There are many different Teak garden furniture items to choose from – Another great benefit associated with Teak garden furniture is the fact that there are so many different items and styles of items to choose from. There are benches, tables, chairs, loungers, storage boxes and much more on top of that. There are even stunning looking Teak wooden sculptures that will beautifully transform any garden.