Do you love art and horses? If you do, you will certainly see the beauty in a teak root horse sculpture. Teak root is a type of tropical hardwood, typically imported from Bali and Indonesia. It is extremely durable, has been used for over 100 years and is resistant to decay, water and insects. Teak is also beautiful which make it ideal for sculptures.

You Can Easily See the Beauty in This Sculpture

When teak root is first unearthed, it is simply a large piece of wood. To most people, it looks like a dirty root, without shape. A teak root sculptor, however, sees something different. In this case, they see a gorgeous, majestic horse. The artisan has put in a lot of time and effort into creating this piece, and you will see their talent shining through each time you look at your teak root horse sculpture.

The Sculpture Will Look Beautiful for Many Years to Come

This is a sculpture that will age well, as teak takes on a mellow grey tone as it ages. If you would like to keep the teak looking brown, you can also apply teak oil. With the way this sculpture has been made, applying teak oil will keep some areas of the sculpture looking brown with shades of grey shining through. This effect will make your horse sculpture look extremely unique.

This Material is Environmentally-Friendly

You should also know that this teak root horse sculpture is made of recycled teak, which is the ideal choice for those who are environmentally aware. This material is also certified, meaning that is was sourced from a certified forest that is held to high environmental standards. You can feel good knowing that the teak root used in these sculptures is very green.

The Details of These Sculptures Will Impress

There is a lot of skill that goes into these sculptures since they are so detailed. Each movement involved adds to the overall look. Horse and art lovers will see these skills easily when they look upon each sculpture, and this will certainly impress the owners of the sculpture as well as anyone who appreciates these sculptures.

If you are an art lover, especially one who loves horses, you will certainly love these teak root horse sculptures. To see these sculptures, to learn more or to buy, Chairs and Tables Limited offers beautiful teak root horse sculptures that will look stunning in your home or garden