It is hoped that lockdowns will cease steadily through the year as the pandemic is brought under control and our liberties will be restored. However, many people have taken ‘stay at home’ to their hearts and have taken renewed interest in having their ‘down time’ in their own outdoor living spaces, gardens, conservatories, patios and decks, verandas etc.

Easter eggs are rolling out of the shops, Easter Bunnies are hopping about, and Spring is here and with it hopes for a fresh start in so many homes across the Country. Easter is a significant point because we can all expect that frosts will significantly decrease and in all parts of these islands the landscapes will be dotted with Spring lambs, our gardens will be brim full of flowers brought on by warmer weather – and maybe even some nice warm sunshine!

Takeaway food deliveries are at an all time high, with every type of cuisine being carried piping hot to ones doorstep. Even ones favourite tipple can be delivered making it unnecessary to leave home.

It makes perfect sense to take advantage of these trends created by the lockdown which we suggest may continue long into the future. Unless the leisure sector is unleashed dining at home with food that is fresh and convenient will also serve to provide for family and friends once the restrictions are eased and probably at less expense.

Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture have experienced growth in online purchasing of their exceptional Solid Teak Luxury Garden Furniture over recent months precisely because people are staying safe by staying home. Discerning customers wishing to enhance their outdoor leisure spaces are preparing to make the best of their Summer by purchasing the very best quality teak garden furniture at the most sensible prices. With every combination available from  Companion Seats to Loungers, a Table and Chairs set for two to a Table and Chairs combination to seat a dozen people there is a perfect product awaiting your order.

Please order as soon as possible to have your total comfort and pleasure without delay!

Enjoy Ester and look forward to a fabulous Summer!

PS, Planning a Summer wedding? In the online catalogue there are many exceptionally fine Wedding gifts!

Signs of Spring are eagerly anticipated by most of us and there are indeed early harbingers in Nature waiting to be seen, Hellebores are flowering, Snow Drops are beginning to appear in warm sheltered spots and the Daffodils will follow on quickly behind. We just hope that Winter hasn’t got sting in its tail..

Following the past two years surely we must all be hoping for a more positive New Year with warm weather and the chance to get outdoors to enjoy whatever outdoor living space we may have or have access to.

The Year ahead is more promising, we are looking forward to the Platinum Jubilee of The Queen, no doubt there will be many parties to attend and maybe street parties too. We all love a party and there will be opportunities to raise a glass of something cool and sparkling in salute to HM.

Plus, the Country Fairs are back this year after the Covid layoff, Chairs and Tables Luxury Teak Garden Furniture will be attending some Country shows (details to follow) with their products displayed so that visitors may see the quality of their furniture range and try them for size. Chairs and Tables management team will be on hand to help you make your selection. Let’s make Spring and Summer 2022 a year to remember for all the right reasons!

This is a fine time to plan for Spring and beyond for anyone planning a party, or simply looking forward to a warm Summer of alfresco dining, celebrating, entertaining or simply relaxing at home. Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture has been the Premier Online Teak Garden Furniture Specialist in Britain since 2002, their 2022 catalogue is available now at:

Products are currently in stock unless marked otherwise. Please, see the web site details for purchase and for delivery arrangements.

Already the Chairs and Tables order book is starting to grow, with the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations to come and Summer on the horizon it is anticipated that there will be huge demand for superior quality solid teak garden furniture therefore customers are urged to act quickly to avoid disappointment.

Enjoy the Spring and Summer to come, join in the celebrations and visit the newly reopened County Shows, 2022 is a good year! See you there?

As we move into 2021 the last thing many of us will think about is alfresco dining and relaxing in the garden with a G and T catching some evening sun before dinner.

True some hardy souls love to BBQ in the snow and with super modern outdoor wear it is possible to stay warm and brave the elements.
However, this is the perfect time to grasp the opportunity and plan for spring and summer. As the days grow ever lighter the urge to get out and get on with it increases, order now and your new Chairs and Tables Genuine Teak Garden Furniture can be with you in plenty of time!
The entire product catalogue of luxury teak garden furniture is available to view on the Chairs and Tables web site at:


Included in the web site are full details of every item from garden planters to chair and table sets to large extendable dining tables (great for buffets and BBQ parties) to stunning teakwood sculptures that will amaze your guests – and would adorn the entrance to one’s corporate HQ impressively!
Discerning business owners and social organisation buyers, this is the perfect time to place your order for outdoor teak garden furniture that, because of its superb durability, could prove to be the best investment of 2021.
Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture is produced from solid well-seasoned Grade A sustainably grown teakwood. Teakwood by its very nature is water resistant and with traditional carpentry methods i.e. mortis and tennon joints for tightness your purchase will remain in good health regardless of the weather, in fact teak has the ability to look even more attractive as it ages! Finishing is very important to Chairs and Tables because having a smooth, comfortable finish that will not catch tender skin or clothing is important, plus well finished furniture is perfection and what one would expect from the premier teak garden furniture supplier in the United Kingdom!
Many of the Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture items will arrive at your home ready assembled, all you will need to do is unpack them and put them in pride of place.
A late Christmas gift?

A New Years gift? A wedding gift? Outstanding!
Meanwhile, Happy New Year to one and all, may 2020 bring all that you desire!
Chairs and Tables Genuine Teak Garden Furniture.

What a year it has been, what with the weather playing games with us all, hot one day and raining heavily the next, plus Coronavirus, 2020 has been a tough year.

There is every reason to hope for better next year, meanwhile, the seasons do go on, and now is the time to plan and prepare for next Spring and beyond!

Fallen leaves are about to descend on our gardens from our own and neighbouring trees. In smallish amounts they can be removed to the recycling tip, for those of us with larger amounts to deal with please remember that many small animals (hedgehogs etc) rely on the leaf cover for protection, so please don’t burn leaf piles and be careful when raking. Leaves can be recycled and do make excellent leaf mould when composted.

Removing dead plants and tidying up for Winter will make your job easier next year and reduce plant diseases. Also, prune rose trees, shrubs, and trees to maintain control and reduce wind damage. Pathways, patios, and decking need a wash down removing weeds, leaves and other debris, as the debris can cause slip hazards later when icy.

We may yet have the chance to sit out (well wrapped up), eat out, have a BBQ, and small family outdoor parties Covid-19 permitting, so your tidy up should include washing down and sanitising the BBQ and giving your Chairs and Tables Fine Teak Garden Furniture a bit of TLC.

3m Teak extending Table Set

Solid teakwood garden furniture is weather resistant so your Chairs and Tables chair, and table set will be fine, but a little teak oil will help maintain its fine good looks!

We can plant snow drops, daffodils, crocuses, tulips, and other spring bulbs now in tubs, pots and beds that will lift our spirits during the Spring, bulbs and other plants are now available in most garden centres and suppliers, pick a fine day and get planting! Don’t forget that Chairs and Tables teak wood planters will finish the job off perfectly and they will not rot! They do make very fine Christmas gifts.

For something cheerful pre–Spring try Hellebores – Lenten Roses – they will flower in December and January.

Shrubs and trees can be planted now, once in place they will cope with bad weather, firstly buy good stock, and secondly ask for advice if you are not sure how to plant them.

Autumn, far from being the end of something it is truly the beginning of next Spring, even if you cannot get out in the garden you can look ahead.

The Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture website is always available to help you plan to make your garden your staycation venue for 2021 should you wish, peruse, plan, and enjoy!

Teak Companion Seat

The world is a complicated and often quite disappointing place.

There is war in the news, hate, and anger everywhere. We all need a place to escape the craziness, a place to unwind and relax in the lap of luxury. It can be hard to get away from it all, and sometimes the only way to have peace is to create it yourself.

If you have a garden, you already know the healing power of bright, radiant blooms and sweet, fragrant flowers. Even simple green foliage is comforting with its’ unpretentious beauty.

The garden is the perfect place to create a refuge from the ails of the world.

Luxury begins with a sleek, elegant lounging chair, like the type found on cruise ships. Thick, lavish cushions and adjustable reclining positions turn you into royalty. Wheels on the lounger let you move it to wherever the brightest and sweetest flowers are blooming. Or, keep it in the centre of the garden to soak up all the natural wonders.

Enjoy the garden to its’ fullest, throughout all seasons. Close your eyes, and savor the simple delights of this dreamy sanctuary. Sweet, aromatic honeysuckle, wandering hollyhocks, and delicate coral bells are all there to lull your mind. Settle into your lounger with a glass of wine or sweet hibiscus tea, and the haven is complete.

Don’t wait for the universe to give serenity. Bring it into existence yourself, and your heart, soul, and mind will be all the better for it. Facing the world every day is a lot easier when there is a calming garden retreat awaiting you at the end of the day.

Sir Issac Newton is said to have been sitting on a bench in his garden when the apple fell from the tree, knocking him on the head and giving him the great insight into gravity. Imagine what magnificent knowledge is awaiting discovery from your garden bench. Maybe it won’t be so grand as gravity; however, a perfect recipe for apple jam is just as valuable. And, hard to come by!

Light summer breezes, luscious blooming flowers, and flitting butterflies are waiting to be beheld. In the buzz of a bee’s dance, there is magic. What new experiences will the perfect bench bring to your garden?

A bench is a statement. It is as much a part of the environment as the tomato plants and rose bushes. Let it meld into the setting, a sweet hideaway surrounded by rich scents and beautiful blooms. Or, have it stand out, strong and dependable, a hub in the center of the garden.

When it comes to picking a bench, choose one that complements and enhances the garden setting. A good garden seat promotes long, leisurely, relaxing moments surrounded by the beauty and intrigue of nature. Select a bench that encourages the children or grandchildren to join you outside, away from the video games and social media.

teak bench

Southwold 4ft Teak Deluxe Bench


Stories and meaningful conversations are a natural-byproduct of a peaceful, welcoming bench. They are also the perfect place to observe wild visitors to the garden, like birds, butterflies, and bees. Ideal seating contributes to the magical place that is your garden.

Are you a fan of classic woodworks? Time to witness exquisite, classic woodwork craftsmanship in the form of this stylish teak Lutyens 4ft garden bench. From its striking design and comfortable build to its durability and ease of maintenance, the Deluxe Lutyens 4ft teak bench is here to rock your world. Impress your spectators with the historical woodwork design mastery whose introduction dates back to the first ever Lutyens bench creation by Sir Edwin Lutyens. Appreciate the historically laudable designs by the famous woodworks designer by going with this timelessly beautiful Lutyens 4ft teak bench for your garden space.

Add Class to space

Exhibit your wise sense of woodwork design history by adding a classic Lutyens 4ft teak bench on your patio, deck or garden. Apart from becoming a solid history icon in your space, this bench will eventually turn into an appreciative outdoor furniture destined to be enjoyed by generations to come after you. You can place it near the window of your kitchen, in a garden space, in a patio or on a deck to enhance the aesthetics and historical appeal of any area. Do you something even more interesting? The bench will serve as a conversation starter in case you want to break the ice and continue a good conversation with your guests.
Unique design

From the rolled arm rests and the raked backrests to the comfortable build and breathtaking shaded, the Lutyens 4ft teak bench is a great outdoor furniture to add in your space. You just sit and stare to appreciate the beauty of nature in your garden to use the bench as place to sit and chat away your troubles with your near and dear ones. The bench looks equally good indoors just as it does in outdoors.

Sturdy, long lasting bench

The four feet long Lutyens teak bench is designed to last for years to come. You can easily identify the hard work and skill put into crafting a Grade A teakwood bench which has been fine-sanded to perfection. One of the coolest things about this teakwood garden bench it will give off silver-grey hues if you place it under direct sunlight – all thanks to its unique design. You can assemble it easily and place it anywhere comfortable and safe in your space.

4ft Lutyens Teak bench

4ft Lutyens Teak bench from

Get it today!
Have you made up your mind to get one of our amazing Lutyens 4ft teak benches? If yes, here is your opportunity to go and get the perfect outside furniture for your space. Go to Chairs and tables, find your product and purchase it online to add aesthetics and practicality in your garden space. Order today!

This type of product is a high-quality armchair that is featured.

It’s got a very solid wood frame that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.



To say its specialty, Its brown shades have a fantastic innovative folding lounge chair made of natural teak wood that will change over time to the patina. It has 2 vowel front legs and 1 long back support. There are a seat and a long taper sled on the top.


We use this type of product as an outdoor chair. And it features a very solid frame made of teak wood that is resistant to moisture, low temperature or UV. The overall size of this fold, the reclining

chair is 22 “width x 23” depth x 42 “height.

It is an armchair built by a very hardwood with a natural finish. This is a folding chair that assures the storage of space storage. The seating area contains arms and a backrest that assures support.

This is a very classic shape, a wooden folding armchair in natural finish. It is made of the highest quality materials with functionality and elegance in mind. It can be easy fold and storage when is not in use.


Why you would buy it?

When you sit down and read books at your leisure, this kind of stuff will make room in your house. The multi-position folding armchair provides instant seating for unexpected guests and folds for easy storage. When you are planning a holiday meal you will never have to worry about having enough seats, especially if you want a comfortable seating area for your guests. Teak folding chairs are extremely comfortable, but durable enough for a backyard barbeque. Flexible Back Positioning This chair makes it the perfect resting place for a book to read in the sun or sitting upright while eating.
This is a chaise lounge that has got wooden construction and is perfect for patio, courtyard, garden and other outdoor space and activities. It’s solid, well made, high quality and a great choice.

Want to enjoy cool summer evenings having coffee with your friends or partner? Get this awesome banana bench and coffee table to upgrade the practicality and appeal of your space.



Breezy summer evenings, beautiful sunsets, breathtaking landscapes and quality time with your friends and family – the feeling is matchless in the world. From enhancing the look of your patio or garden space to providing you with a comfortable sitting and chatting place, our Banana bench with coffee table is the perfect product. Set it anywhere in your garden, especially near garden features and under the shade, to enjoy the many perks of this banana bench and coffee table combo for a lifetime to come.

Today we live in a world of plastics and other artificial materials and these are perhaps the most used materials for making furniture. Although the furniture world is slowly taking over alternative materials, teak still has a very large place in the field of furniture and is highly appreciated by consumers around the world.

When it comes to beauty and durability, every furniture, even if it is only teak furniture, really takes a prominent place with regard to its beautiful appearance and adds an aristocratic atmosphere throughout the house.

Outdoor furniture does not only include tables and chairs. It also includes armchairs with small cushions and other accessories where people can relax and enjoy the view outside. Picnic tables are also very common for this group of furniture. Teak garden furniture is very common nowadays because teak is a strong and durable material that can certainly be used outdoors.


Teak is a type of hardwood that is very present in the Asian continent, particularly in the regions of Indo-China, the Philippines and Burma. Nowadays teak is one of the endangered species and therefore a careful cut is made to preserve this type of tree. Older trees produce a more durable and harder type of teak, while younger trees produce teak that is prone to damage.

Teak is often used as material for outdoor furniture, as well as on ship decks. It has a property that supports various weather conditions. Moreover, it contains natural oils that make it very durable and very effective for the types of materials that are exposed to the weather. Nowadays, teak can also be used as material for floors and veneer.


Let’s say you have an outdoor space that you want to dress up and you’re thinking of the type of outdoor furniture to use. In other to get the best, you will have to do some research online or contact local furniture stores for advice on outdoor furniture. So now you met people who told you to buy teak garden furniture, and you are now wondering why they recommended teak, and decides to know its qualities and characteristics.
Teak garden furniture is one of the popular types of garden furniture. It gained its popularity especially in the 1950s. Over the years, teak patio furniture has evolved into different styles and designs, making the outdoors and decks excellent places to relax. Teak garden furniture does not only create resistance as a kind of outdoor furniture, but also create a sense of luxury space for everyone, especially your family. Of all hardwood, teak is the best material to use, because little maintenance is needed for the outdoor furniture that you choose.

Teak garden furniture has this unusual ability to combine aesthetics and utilitarianism. Their natural beauty, strength and durability together form a material that can please even the most demanding eyes and provide a comfortable chair or solid surface that can be left out all year round. Although it is more expensive than its contemporaries, a teak table, sofa or teak recliner is built to last and will, if handled correctly, provide many years of service. This long lifespan effectively lowers the cost of making teak furniture the cost-effective solution for your home

Teak garden furniture is cost effective

The maintenance of teak garden furniture is minimal. If you want, you can take the benches, chairs and tables with you in the winter, but if you apply one or two layers of teak oil every spring, you shouldn’t hurt this. Teak oil can be purchased in any large DIY centre and a little is very handy.

Teak garden furniture brings quality and style to your home

Teak is not only an excellent wood that looks good and feels good, but it is also a durable material that will entertain you for many years in a luxurious environment. Whether you prefer a contemporary look or European elegance, teak offers a range of pieces to choose from that will delight any aesthetic sensitivity. Naturally protected against rot and insects, teak is also naturally resistant to water. The oils in teak wood offer an integrated moisturizer that prevents it from fighting, cracking or cracking.
Teak garden furniture is a luxury for your garden

Teak has been recognized for centuries as weather-resistant wood, easy to manufacture for craftsmen and beautiful. Teak has a golden glow that is soft and silky. Due to its high oil content, teak furniture is resistant to insects and moisture. There are outdoor benches in the UK that have been around for more than 100 years and are still in use.


If you are looking for affordable, quality teak garden furniture, visit

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