This large boat storage box helps you create a faraway feel for your outdoor space; the promise of relaxing days, quiet nights and tropical environments.  You may even be looking to create a nautical theme; perhaps you’re a fishing family or you have connections to the Navy; this piece is absolutely perfect for you.

As with all of our pieces this storage box is expertly crafted from Teakwood and is as durable as anything available of a similar ilk; the beautiful hardwood grains, finely sanded to a silk-like finish ooze class and quality and will enhance any outdoor space.  The very nature of the grains in hardwoods like Teak means that no two pieces are identical; each crafted boat has its own character and nuances to be found and explored over time in your garden or sun room.

The Storage Boat has many uses; it can store everything from children’s toys to garden equipment and it can even act as comfortable seating for family and guests enjoying the summer sun in your garden.

It’s time to sail away; let this piece entice you and swallow you up in a sea of tranquillity; tranquillity you’ll experience in your time, in your own space.

One of our current best sellers here at Chairs and Tables is the Southwold Square Teak Table, and upon further inspection it is easy to see why! A beautiful table that can serve many functions, this stunning piece will be a sight to behold in any outdoor living area – although it would perfectly fine indoors too!

Measuring in at 90cm x 90cm, the Southwold Square Teak Table can be used in any number of ways, be it as part of a set for an outdoor dining area on the patio or a beautiful centre-piece in a conservatory.

It can work well with a single chair or a collection, and will look fantastic no matter where it sits in the garden – or indoors if you prefer!

We do recommend using it for an outdoor living area however, as this really allows you to gain all of the benefits from the Southwold Square Teak Table.

For one, it is made from one of the toughest hardwoods in the market in teak. This strong, durable wood can withstand a lot of pressure and weight, as well as being virtually weatherproof. Natural oils help to preserve it from even the worst elements – this can be quite handy given the unpredictable weather Britain receives! 

Furthermore, these oils make cleaning the table a simple task. A quick wipe with a cloth is usually more than enough to deal with any type of spillages that may occur, and there is no chance of this staining and ruining that beautiful teak appearance.

Speaking of beautiful appearances, the Southwold Square Teak Table just looks fantastic. Teak is one of the best-looking woods out there, and it doesn’t even need to be painted or stained to achieve that wow-factor – you can be certain that guests will love the look of this table where it to be one of the focal points of your garden!

If you are the type of person that loves to entertain guests or simply enjoy sitting outdoors with your family, then this is the type of table for you. There is even a space for a parasol, making it great for sitting under during those warm, sunny days in the garden.

The Southwold Square Teak Table should be rightfully viewed as a smart investment. For anyone that loves sitting outdoors, a good garden table is an essential piece of furniture, and this one will last for years and maybe even decades with the right care.

That means you don’t need to think about buying a new garden table for quite some time, and this one will look as good as the day you first bought it too, even after many years of use! For us, that is just another reason why the Southwold Square Teak Table has become such a popular piece of garden furniture here at Chairs and Tables!

This delightful companion seat is fit to grace any decking, patio or balcony with its tasteful style and elegance. Described as banana shape because of its curvature, this tete a tete combination is very companionable and an excellent use of space. For a smaller patio garden or balcony, or maybe in a conservatory, this combination unit is excellent in both size and proportion. The seating arrangement is designed to allow sufficient closeness to permit easy conversation with enough separation to allow individual space. The design includes sturdy yet elegant construction employing Grade ‘A’ Plantation grown teak, the fine long grained and blemish free timber that is smooth to the touch and yet strong and durable. There are two seats, with nicely smoothed arms and back spars. Should this combination chair unit have to live outdoors or on deck it will retain its fine good looks for many years to come. Between the two seats there is a rather nice tastefully designed table that is just the right size for a couple of beverages and a plate of digestives, or if you prefer a gin and tonic and a dish of olives.

The Teak Garden Companion Seat by Chairs and Table Teak Garden Furniture is comfortably proportioned and is supplied with a pair of waterproof cushions of ample thickness and with a choice of blue or green covers.

The midsection table is pre-drilled for the use of a parasol, should the midday sun come out, and is equipped with a firm brass fitting. This beautiful teak garden loveseat is delivered fully assembled.

The entire range of Teak Garden Furniture is built with plenty of tender loving care, all joints are mortice and tennon joinery with dowelling inserts to ensure permanence of the joints extending the life of the product by many years. The Craftsmen at C&T Teak Garden Furniture take great pride in making the very best furniture available to discerning customers, their good name rests upon the fine quality of their tables and chairs.

Your guests won’t take their eyes off this teak ice bucket finesse—a simple way to keep your beverages chilled.  

This teak ice bucket isn’t just a little too affordable, but also offers unique engraved design. It’s amazing all-around design and colour makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor setting. The thick dimensions provide plenty of insulation to keep drinks cold for a long period of time. Get several of these for your parties as people are really going to love getting their drink out of this teak ice bucket. The bucket has an external varnish coating to make it more durable against liquids.

Now that the nights are drawing in and the evenings are turning a bit chilly, you’ll probably be spending less time in the garden. The mower gets oiled for the winter and stored in the shed and leaves need to be raked on a daily basis. The garden in winter seems much more about maintenance and a lot less about fun.

The winter season can also be hard on your garden furniture too. The weather is cold and wet, both of which can be detrimental to your garden furniture. Wood can split, turn green or start to root. It’s all bad news for your chairs and tables. And metal furniture fairs no better in winter, often rusting, corroding or cracking.

Of course, ideally we’d all like to bring our garden furniture inside to negate the effects of winter, but often that’s not practical. So what can we do to help preserve our wooden garden set in bad weather?

Well, the good news is that teak furniture wears rather well in inclement weather. Teak wood has special properties that make it ideal for use outdoors all year round. It’s a very oily and rubbery wood and so needs very little specific care or maintenance to ensure that it lasts for decades.

Teak wood has its origins in the tropics and is a naturally dense and sturdy wood. All of this means that it has an outstanding resistance to moisture. The natural oil helps to prevent water from seeping into the teak wood.

Grade A teak is kiln dried slowly to reduce the moisture content in the furniture. This helps to withstand the colder and drier northern European climate. This also means that teak wood can withstand a wide variety of weather conditions – rain, frost or snow. It is also immune to rotting, fungi and highly resistant to insects which may damage the timber.

Of course, you may wish to offer your teak furniture seem extra protection during the winter months and there’s no harm in this. You could use a good quality teak oil, which would help to retain the more golden colour of the teak and slow down the process whereby it turns silvery grey.

Some people choose to cover their teak furniture during the winter months. If that’s the case then ensure that you choose a breathable cover that does not trap moisture against the wood. If the wood gets no air this could result in mould spores forming.

Ultimately a good quality piece of teak furniture can last a lifetime with very little maintenance and you should feel free to continue to use it over the winter, regardless of the weather. Just make sure that you wrap up warm!

If you need a serving trolley that could go with both your indoor and outdoor use, this teak serving trolley has all the drills and features that you would need out of your tea trolley.

The six-inch wheels can easily thread through thick grass without losing balance or tripping. The modular design allows you to remove the top tray from the trolley. A light frame makes it easy to move around even with heavy load.

Let’s talk about the aesthetics on this serving trolley that’s a semblance of an eclectic design, high-quality tea wood and skilfully crafted edges. Your evening tea parties won’t be same—this three-tier luxurious serving trolley has a nice and smooth finish that that doesn’t alter the real beauty of teak. The mild teak tones are still eminent on the trolley that would continue to remind you of the finest quality wood being used in the making.

This teak trolley can be loaded with as much stuff as you want—it’s durable and strong because of the Grade A teak. It’s fine sanded to give you a silky finish without taking away much of the natural brilliance of this wood.

Don’t want to have a sofa for your patio furniture? Why not try out something that’s more cost-friendly and looks amazing. This elegant table and chairs set is made out of solid Grade A sustainable teak wood that’s a real treat for all the environmental-friendly people out there. But there is more actually.

This round ring table and chairs set is perfect for outdoor space due to its resistance against the extremities of scorching sun and terrible rainstorms. If you have been longing for something that’s right on your budget and durable for years to come, this Turnworth Teak Round Ring Tables and Chairs set is the perfect answer.

The exquisite finish on this teak wood accentuates on your green lawn and makes it more vibrant. The light-colour with a tinge of raw teak is great to look at.

Let’s talk about the comfort.

In most cases, you can’t compare a patio sofa set with patio chairs, but in this, you can actually, because teak wood is comfortable for regular use. The circular design on the table-top looks much better than a plain one, and with all the natural teakwood colour, it a real eye-candy.

Do you scare your kids spilling liquids or food on the table? Don’t worry! Because these tables and chairs are made out of teak wood that wouldn’t stain easily. You clean it simply with a damp table cloth and add the final cleaning touches with a dry table napkin.

So what’s included in the package?

This Turnworth teak table and chairs set consists of 8 chairs and 180cm ring table and if you want to add some more chairs, you can get them separately. These teakwood tables and chairs set is available for £1599.99 which is a great deal to pick up at this price, because not just the tables, but chairs are also made up of Grade A teak.

So what else makes a great a patio table and chairs set?

Well, what about a turntable in the centre of your table, so that everyone has an equal access to the food on the table? This is ingenious

Final word on patio furniture

If you are looking for some outdoor bliss without worrying much about the replacement or repairs, get your furniture made out of teakwood for durability, lesser maintenance and low replacement cost, unlike synthetic furniture that may require you to replace your chairs or tables biannually.

 Each product from C&T comes with a 3-year warranty to make it more convenient for you

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