When it comes to outdoor decoration and picking up some patio furniture, our first impulse is to get the cheapest available furniture—and well, why shouldn’t we? After all, it’s only going to get ruined under extreme weather conditions and adversities of nature. Wrong.

Just like anything else, quality patio furniture would mean a long-term investment with low replacement cost. You would want to buy some outdoor furniture that could last a few years instead of getting some that may marginally make it to the next season. It’s worthwhile to think why you should or shouldn’t invest in some quality patio furniture. Here are the top reasons why quality outdoor furniture should be on the top of your list.

  1. Cheap patio means hefty replacement costs in the long run

The worst facet of cheap patio furniture is that it’s not friendly on your pocket in the long run. A low-quality garden furniture would wear off faster into despair, and in most cases, it’s difficult to get the repairs done due the intense aggravation.

Cheap garden furniture is not treated for rain or extreme heat of the sun, and once it’s damaged, you will have to start all over with the whole buying process. In most cases, cheap patio furniture needs to be replaced biannually and that extensively adds to the whole cost, especially when you take opportunity cost and shoe-leather cost into consideration.

If you really don’t have time for regular renovation and replacement, get a quality garden furniture that will relieve you off the hassle of furniture replacement.

  1. Cheap patio is difficult to keep clean

As aforementioned, cheap patio furniture may not be treated for the extremities of rain and sun, and that could mean higher tendency of fading and mildewing. Stained furniture is an eye sore, be it indoor or outdoor. Make sure that you aren’t loading some furniture in your garden that you wouldn’t want to sit on.

But with quality and high-end furniture, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Patio furniture made out of quality wood, like teak, blocks water absorption, dries more quickly and won’t leave those terrible stains on your furniture. This doesn’t only imply that cleaning would be easier, but you can also use your furniture sooner after a rainy day.

  1. Quality furniture equals better style

From the aesthetics perspective, you can’t expect much out of a furniture made from cheap wood. Apart from being unimpressive in most cases, it won’t even fit in well with your existing furniture. Furniture makers who take quality into consideration know the importance of the designs too. By spending on quality furniture, you will have better chance at picking up something from the latest fashions and styles.

Good quality furniture turns your home into an extension of your home where you could cherish your evening tea, because you will be having another gorgeous and comfortable space to spend your time at, apart from your TV lounge.

Surely the mark of a fine chair is its comfort? Certainly a superbly crafted and designed chair is a delight to behold, but if it isn’t comfortable then what good is that?

The Lovina Stacking Teak Chair is not just a pretty face; this is a chair that has been designed for sitting on. Obvious? Well good, because there are many inferior outdoor furniture products that are not comfortable and are barely fit for purpose.

Tables and Chairs Top Quality Teak Garden Furniture is designed and hand made by craftsmen. Using traditional tight-fit mortice and tennon joints with dowels to ensure the very strongest construction they then go the extra mile to make sure that the chairs are easy on the rear. The Lovina Stacking Teak Chair has nice smooth horizontal back spars and a wide slatted seat. There is enough sitting space to accommodate one’s derriere, in the majority of cases, with ease and the finishing is excellent with smooth timber well sanded so there are no hard edges or splinters to leave an unfavorable impression… The Lovina Stacking Chair is such a chair, comfortable without a cushion, however it is made perfect with the addition of a stylish cushion to add flair to the style. Having accommodating arms that are smooth and firm gives that little bit of extra luxury.

As with all Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture the Lovina Stacking Arm Chair is manufactured only from the finest Grade A plantation grown teak, sustainably sourced long grain teak that will last a lifetime and keep its good looks.

A Lovina Stacking Teak Arm Chair makes the perfect gift for family and friends. As a wedding gift, these chairs are excellent decking furniture for young couples just starting out, while more mature individuals will prefer to use them for entertaining guests in a conservatory or even on the lawns. No matter who they are intended for Lovina Stacking Teak Arm Chairs are a lovely addition to any home. What is better than one Lovina Stacking Chair? Two Lovina Stacking Chairs, they fit perfectly together and complement one another, perfect for enjoying a pleasant hour in the fresh air with Pimms in hand.

It is easy to get carried away with superlatives, doing so does grow wearisome. When talking about investment in ‘quality’ it is important to establish just what quality means. Quality is the standard of something when measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something. Therefore, something that is ‘good’ quality is surely another cut above the rest.

Teak wood that is sustainably grown in plantations is grown to a standard profile, because it is not a cut and rush operation time can be taken to make certain that the timber is well formed, straight grained, and it can be properly seasoned – not rushed by cutting corners. Seasoning teak properly will allow the timber to dry slowly thereby ensuring that this heavy wood, with its exceptional grain strength and stiffness and inherent durability, will last a lifetime.

Teak wood of this same calibre is used in marine construction, discerning buyers of fine furniture for their outdoor spaces would do well to buy the kind of quality that would grace any fine sailing ship. It is no coincidence that the very best unblemished timber available is used in both cases. The best quality garden furniture made of the finest timber available must surely mean long life and rugged strength.

Luxury outdoor garden furniture will in many cases live outdoors whatever the weather, and just like the timbers of the deck of a ship the materials must be up to the job, second best is not an option.

Perfectly grown and seasoned timber that is then placed in the hands of craftsmen can be turned into well-designed elegant, superbly crafted, comfortable furniture. One mark of a well-made chair is its comfort value without any added cushions, a modicum of padding is of course acceptable but a well-crafted chair that is perfect when unadorned is something very special.

Having acquired the best timber available, to then produce elegant furniture that has tight dowelled joints and brass fittings to be sure of the quality of the end product is a sign of good quality.

What then are the benefits of investing in quality teak garden furniture?

The finest raw materials are sustainably and responsibly sourced.

Being well seasoned the teak will not rot or deteriorate, it will outlive poorer products several times over.

Quality Teak Garden Furniture will retain its good looks, comfort and charm.

It will charm one’s guests with its youthful good looks and craftsman made quality helping one’s parties to be a great success, naturally.

Chairs and Tables Teak Garden Furniture go the extra mile to make their range so extensive that customers will be spoiled for choice, and that our quality will make us the outstanding investment when compared with the rest. C&T Garden Furniture is synonymous with good quality.

Nothing can be as enjoyable as relaxing in the garden. It is one of life’s simple pleasures, where you can sit around and unwind – preferably with some nice weather too!

Of course to properly enjoy sitting out in your garden you will need some garden furniture. This could be something simple from a couple of chairs to table sets, benches, and sun loungers. Much like other types of furniture, garden furniture comes in a variety of materials and styles, so there is plenty of options at available for anyone in the market for some new additions to their garden.

The price of garden furniture can vary as well so you can invest a lot or a little amount of money depending on what your preference and budget is. It is perfectly fine to spend a little less on your garden furniture but those that decide on paying a little more for high quality could actually benefit more in the long-term.

Check out some reasons as to why you should invest in quality garden furniture!


One of the most noticeable aspects of quality garden furniture is just how great it looks. This is mainly down to the materials used and the higher quality craftsmanship that tends to go into making them.

Teak or cedar are considered very high quality types of wood for example, and these will almost always look far better in your garden when compared to materials such as plastic or even lower quality wood types.

No matter the furnishings, be it a bench, chairs, or a table, you can be sure that when you opt for high quality that it will provide a fantastic look and style to your garden. They can serve as a centre piece and focal point for your garden as well.


Quality garden furniture usually requires quality materials, which will always lead to a much more durable piece of furniture. This can be quite important especially given the volatility of the British climate, as quality furniture is built to last much more than cheaper options.

Materials of a lower quality can really start to show their true value after a short time. Cheap wood and most plastic furniture will eventually break over time and much sooner than when compared to high quality furniture using materials such as teak or steel.

Long-Term Use

A direct reflection on the durability of high quality garden furniture is the fact that it will last quite a long time. There will be no need to reinvest in garden furniture every year or so if you have already bought something of a higher quality because they are built to last!

Even with our wild British weather you can be sure that investing in some high quality garden furniture will be one for the long-term – teak garden furniture can last upwards of 20 years, so it is safe to say you will get your money’s worth when going for quality!

High quality garden furniture in essence pays for itself. You won’t be buying anything new for quite some time, which will mean the money saved not having to constantly purchase garden furniture helps to cover the higher cost associated with the furniture.

A common misconception about many types of garden furniture is just how uncomfortable it can be. The additions of cushions are almost always a necessity to ensure total comfort whilst sitting outdoors, but there is a particular piece of garden furniture that can bring the indoor comforts of a an arm chair outdoors – the Asmara Teak Garden Arm Chair.

This simply gorgeous piece of furniture is something that adds a whole new level of comfort to your outdoor living area.

It can be paired with another chair to create an outdoor sitting space perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying some time with the family, but it works perfectly fine on its own as well – just imagine sitting back reading a book or enjoy a drink on a lazy afternoon whilst slumped into this comfortable armchair.

Seat and back cushions are included with this piece, helping to ensure the upmost comfort for anyone sitting on the very spacious Asmara armchair. They even come with removable covers that are washable and weather-proof too, so you needn’t worry about leaving them outdoors either!

At the back of the chair is a specially designed slanted feature aimed at encouraging the most relaxing position possible for the chair. With two sets of slates the base of the chair is not only comfortable for sitting but also very secure.

Another great feature is side pockets found at either side of the arms. These pockets are found on the inner side of the arms and are the perfect height and depth to store books, drinks, and anything else you might want on hand when relaxing in the chair.

Made from grade-A Indonesian teak, the armchair has a stunning natural look to it which is highlighted perfectly by the smooth sanded finish. The amazing natural grain of the teakwood is a sight to behold in most garden setups, so you can be the addition of the Asmara armchair will be a talking point for your next garden party!

Teak is also a very naturally strong and durable material. This armchair will be able to withstand any extreme weather thrown at it, and there will be no need to worry about breakages and repairs –teak garden furniture pieces such as this are built to last!

The teak doesn’t require to be treated with any type of oils either and you can be certain that this will last several decades! This helps to ensure the piece as a long-term investment that will last you so much longer than most other types of garden furniture, guaranteeing that your money is going to be well-spent.

Just picture yourself slumped in this amazingly comfortable chair on a sunny afternoon, sipping on a cool drink and relaxing like never before. The garden is best enjoyed with the highest quality garden furniture around, and it doesn’t get much better than the Asmara Teak Garden Armchair.

However you use your garden to relax, it’s important that you use good quality garden furniture; let’s examine some of the reasons why.

It lasts longer

Generally if your furniture is of a higher quality it will be more durable and last longer; if you pick a design that you’re really happy with this means that you can continue to use and enjoy it for longer. Whilst a cheaper option may appeal to you wallet or purse in the short term, often the cost of repeatedly replacing worn out or broken cheap garden furniture far outweighs the cost of investing in something of a higher quality.


Higher quality furniture can be a way to add personal touches and style to your garden; the set or pieces that you choose can say something about you and compliment your garden setting; they can bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor living.

House prices

Thinking of selling your property? If you have a garden your potential buyers are most definitely looking at how that space can be utilised and what looks good. High quality garden furniture says so many of the right things; it can be a comfortable place to read, a spot to watch the kids play, or a space to have friends over and enjoy the sunshine. Evoking these feelings makes you more likely to get a sale and the price that you want.

Teak known as Tectona grandis is a hardwood. Teak grows in mixed hardwood forests. The places where teak grows are India, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Teak wood is very valuable in terms of durability and sustainability. This is why, Europe and USA import teak and for this reason, teak is very expensive. And, since centuries, it has been recognized as a hardwood that is resistant to the changing climate. Teak wood is lustrous, smooth as silk and has a golden colour with a pungent leather-like odour. The wood is durable and strong. Additionally, because it is weather resistant, it is a great raw material for artists. The teak is very good because it can be used all year round and also in any era. The wood also resistant to moisture and insect infestation because it contains high oil content.

In the 1800s when the advantages of teak were discovered, the idea of using it for outdoor spaces with gardens to enhance the look of the place, altogether. And, since then furniture made for outdoor purposes is made mainly from teak. The specific advantages of furniture made out of teak are that the furniture will not fade away and it will stay the same way, from day one. No climate change will affect it; no matter how bad. The teak furniture is strong and withstands weather changes just to look equally beautiful as ever before. It is a long-term investment that you will be making.

Therefore, if you are planning to decorate and set your outdoor space but are confused as to what type of furniture and material should you use? And, also something that can be within your budget. The best option is to buy teak garden furniture to make your space look classy and divine.

At the moment, you would be thinking that I previously mentioned that teak is expensive and now I am saying the furniture is not. Confused? Let me clear it. Teak furniture is expensive but then again not as expensive in comparison to the quality and advantages it offers. Secondly, the expense will be one time. Otherwise, furniture that is inexpensive will lack in durability and you will have to replace it time to time.

So the best way to set up your patio or the outdoor place is to set it up with oval teak table set. Other than the fact that it is made of teak, the other advantage is that the teak dining table can seat up to ten people comfortably. Also, the table is wide enough to place all the main servings and the side-dishes simultaneously without any hassle. The table also has double extension leafs that can be made use of and when not; can be placed under the frame easily. This dining table is suitable for dining with family members as well as helpful in gatherings.

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